hserv 13.4

Hserv was born as an example in rxsocket.library archive, but it become
so large and cute that I decided to release it as a stand alone application.

It is a HTTP 1.0 ARexx server, very configurable and funny.

The main features are:
  • run alone or as inetd service in multiple istance listening on different ports
  • accepts GET, HEAD and POST methods
  • basic file resuming
  • Virtual hosts implemented
  • "If-Modified-Since" supported, with many date formats
  • "rfc 19452 Auth supports
  • rejected-ips
  • mime types read from file, so you can had your mime
  • text parsing
  • in line ARexx functions in html documents
  • ARexx, REBOL, perl and exe cgi
  • may be set to require ident service running at client host
  • preferences and "QuickStart" GUI

  • download hserv.lha
  • md5 files to test the integrity of the Aminet archive