Time's deception

is the last CD performed by


Produced by WBMusic & Borgo Studio

Recorded and mastered at Borgo Studio  (Novara - Italy)

Sound engineer: Walter Bassani

All tracks are recorded live without sequencers

Management & Tour Productions


via Alatri, 4    I-20149 Milano tel. 0039-02-437881

via Marco Polo, 20   I-28100 Novara tel. 0039-0321-696884

Andrea Ortu    flute
Pier Paderni    keyboards


G. F. TELEMANN            Sonata in F  (Vivace - Largo - Allegro)
W. C. GLUCK                   from ORFEO Scena dai Campi Elisi
J. S BACH                         from Sonata in C Adagio - Minuetto I & II
G. B. SAMMARTINI        from Sonata in D Andante
F. J. HAYDN                     from violin concert in F Adagio
G. F. HAENDEL               from Sonata in G Bourèe
G. F. HAENDEL               Sonata in F (Larghetto - Allegro - Siciliana - Giga)
B. MARCELLO                from Sonata in F Adagio - Allegro
C. COREA                         My Spanish heart
Irish traditional                  O' Carolan Fanny Power
Irish traditional                  She moved through the fair
Irish traditional                  Avondale Air
Irish traditional                  Roches favourite
W. CROFT                        Sonata in G

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