Reenactment group of the Napoleonic Wars
Gruppo di Ricostruzione Storica del periodo Napoleonico

K.K.L.J.R. n 44

The K.K.L.J.R. n 44, Imperial-King Regiment of Line Infantry n 44 was raised on 1744 in Milano and hinterland, at time Austrian Empire (or better: Holy Roman Empire), for garrison service at castle of Milano, Trezzo d'Adda and Lecco; but after few months was engaged in the battle of Austrian Succession War. The Only Austrian infantry regiment with italian personnel, it was engaged in the campaigns against French- revoluctionary and Napoleonian,fighting at Loano, Novi, Eggmühl, Aspern-Essling, Wagram and other. The colonel-owner of regiment from 1778 to 1801 was the Prince Belgiojoso, from 1801 the Field-marshal Earl Bellegarde.

K.K.L.J.R. n 44 now

K.K.L.J.R. n44