Reenactment group of the Napoleonic Wars
Gruppo di Ricostruzione Storica del periodo Napoleonico

K.K. Pionierbataillone n 1

The pioneers corp of the Austrian army was created in the 1758 as supporthing the engineers corps, but under the Director-General of Engineers. The personnel had recruited among woodsmen, foresters, miners and boatmen. Duties including opening and road reparation, bridges and works for the artillery; pioneers, protected from the Jäger were usuallyin front-line service at the head of the columns in Austrians assault, present in the organic of all the battles from 1792 to the 1815.
Famous the battle of Malborghetto in 1809," the Austrian Termopylae " where a mixed force of pioneers and border infantry cover the Archduke's John retreat toward Austria.

K.K. Pionierbataillone n 1 now

Pionierbataillone n 1