William Bouguereau (1825-1905) "Le crepuscule", 1882



Piano Concerto Op.180 No.3 in F minor
“The Hand of Destiny”

first part

second part

Internet is an ocean, and in every ocean there are islands. Here is one, amazing, moving, disquieting. Please, listen and meditate this music. Ask yourself, then, where does it come from, where is the source of this Art; because if you think that the simple academic exercise will bring your capacity to this goal, that the simple act to "glue" toghether fragments of the immensely rich musical tradition of the late romantic composers will be enough, then I would rather convince myself to spend all my energies in rebuilding such Academy.
But I believe this music being inspiration and passion, in the framework of profound musical knowledge, given by a strange mistake of the gods, to the wrong world in the wrong time...

Claudio Ronco

Internet è un oceano, e in ogni oceano si trovano delle isole. Qui è una di quelle, sorprendente, commovente, inquietante. Vi prego, ascoltate e meditate questa musica...

Guilherme Scroeter, neo-romantic composer in Brasil.