Giovanni Sebastiano Cozza was born in Rome in 1961, and currently lives and works in Milan in his studio at 46, via Per della Francesca where, in 1996 he also opened his showroom. After his studies in photography, psychology and interpersonal communication, he started his work as a jewelry designer, which gave him immediate success and great satisfaction. His natural inborn perfectionism has led him to personally supervise the hand-made creation of his work: unique and original jewelry based on classical culture and traditions.


Very early, the demanding world of jewelry has perceived the innovative meaning of the original COZZA line, understanding not only its commercial potential, but also the great artistic value: this is also confirmed by the presence at the most important Italian and foreign jewelry exhibitions, and publication in the most prestigeous magazines. COZZA is also particularly supportive of selected social initiatives. Not only the expansion of the company in Italy and abroad, but even the choice to actively participate in several socio-cultural initiatives, has contributed to the birth of COZZA Gioielli: a griffe, but also a thought.