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LiteStep Paraphernalia

DeskMenu 0.2 (which means beta)

DeskMenu is a mix between a popup and a shortcut... It is a popup for the syntax is the same, as the appearance and the way it behaves; it is a shortcut for it sits on the desktop, i.e. can't be brought on-top (like desktop shortcuts).
Even if its appearance is the same as the popup's one, its structure can be configured in the step.rc, so you can have some programs in the popup and some others in the DeskMenu.
It is specially targeted at those that want shortcuts but don't have the time to edit some graphic to make their own (like me ^__^).
Of course I did it hacking original LS sources (popus and shortcut).
NOTE: as i progress I'll implement some new things in, like the auto closing and de-highlighting when the mouse is not over
WARNING: the included readme is not finished yet, so you have better know LS pretty well (or have a lot of patience, or write me)

DeskMenu is that on the left!

LPopup 1.1 (which is pretty stable right now)

Lpopup is a left-click popup for Litestep, done hacking the original LS sources a bit.
It simply (and currently) shows active tasks.
I know that the new re5ource/(e) popup supports multiple ones, still LPopup is smaller and easier to configure (I hope).
NOTE: this new version does support transparencies!!!


DeskMenu 0.2
DeskMenu 0.2 sources
DeskMenu 0.2readme.txt

LPopup 1.1
LPopup 1.1 sources
LPopup 1.1 readme.txt

Old Downloads (you shouldn't really get them since they are... well... old)

DeskMenu v 0.1
DeskMenu v 0.1 sources

Lpopup v 1.0
Lpopup v 1.0 sources
Lpopup v 0.1
Lpopup v 0.1 sources

Saturday 30/10/99

LPopup v 1.1 released.
Many changes in this version:

Thanks go to: Neil McCaw, Artur Meinild, Coragon Rivito, Fireball and Michaelper Johnson for keeping up with my slow time in writing back to them, adding features and making things work!!!

??? 04/05/99

DeskMenu v 0.2 released.
Added DeskMenuX and DeskMenuY (in step.rc) to configure where DeskMenu pops up whenever it starts (I forgot to do it in 0.1) ^_^

thursday 29/04/99

DeskMenu v 0.1 released.
Some things are missing:

The code is based on the new popup by Fahim (released on 26/04), so I don't know if DeskMenu supports transparencies.

tuesday 23/03/99

LPopup v 1.0 released.
It just shows active tasks, as before, but works much better, for many bugs were fixed.
The code has changed and now is based on the new popup by Fahim (released on 18/03). Please note this as this new popup has many missing features from the old one (transparencies above all).

monday 01/03/99

LPopup v 0.1 released.
It just shows active tasks, no more, no less.

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