Eusebio De Marco - written in the list of Doctor Commercialistes of Bari (Italy) at number 840.

Eusebio De Marco - Doctor Commercialiste

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The Doctor Commercialiste in Italy

You compare With The City Privacies
Numerous the interventions of the economic-bookkeeping profession appear in the relationships with the city privacies. Particularly, the following areas of activity are underlined:

  1. contractual area;
  2. tributary area;
  3. area economic-flnanziaria;
  4. area juridical-commercial assistance.

In the contractual area the Doctor Commercialiste lends the necessary and competent assistance to the customer in varied occasions as for instance in the operations of trading of good immovable properties and furniture, with relative actions, and in the predisposition e/o stipulation of contracts generally (of work, of association in share, of society, of location and lease). The specific knowledges in juridical field and impositivo, favor the resolution of problems of hereditary, property and family nature.

In the tributary area the professional work consists in the traditional activity of assistance in the compilation of the declaration of the incomes for the direct taxes and of the declarations to the goals of the local tribute and the indirect taxes. They reenter, besides, in the exercise of his/her functions: the fiscal consultation as well as the assistance, the representation and the patronage from now on to tributary errands and near the fiscal offices.

In the economic-financial area the Doctor Commercialiste furnishes a service of personalized financial consultation to the privacies, contemplated, that is to every single specific situation, in consideration therefore of the propensity to the investment of every single individual and the relative half impiegabilis, the saver directing toward the investments thought more proper in relationship to the individual case, through the evaluation of the alternative investments, if of the case type foreign. This has made possible from Doctor Commercialiste's deep knowledge I concern the financial market. Other classical interventions are those turned to the administration of the real estate and movable patrimonies and the management of stock shares and in society.

In juridical-commercial circle, finally, the economic-bookkeeping professional furnishes suitable collaboration to the legal entrusted, through technical consultations of part in the civil judgments, in the arbitrages and in the penal procedures, offering, besides, his/her work on the occasion of national and international arbitrages.

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