Sanremo 2000


Fabio Fazio will be the presenter of Sanremo 2000 taking place at the Teatro Ariston from the 21st to the 26th February 1999. Co-presenter, the actor Teo Teocoli and the maestro Luciano Pavarotti. Alos on syage the Spanish model and actress Ines Satre. The late-night show Sanremo Notte will be hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi. Useless to say that also, this year that the winner won’t enter the ESC since Italy is out of the contest once again. Will it be return?

The 50th Festival della Canzone Italiana will be broadcast live on RAIUNO (EUTELSAT "HOT BIRD 1" EST - 11.366 V) every competition day at about 20.40 CET (after the news). The songs will be performed live accompanied by a full orchestra, each entrant with a nominated conductor. Foreign guests Eurythmics, Hevia, Lene Marlin, Tina Turner, Oasis, Aqua, Noa, Goran Bregovic, Robbie Williams, Enrique Iglesias and Youssoun N'Dour. Italian guests Lucio Dalla, Antonello Venditti and Fiorella Mannoia. Mike Bongiorno will be the chief of the jury. The other members are Dario Argento, Goran Bregovic, Roberto Cotroneo, Luca De Gennaro, Paola Maugeri, Alessio Vlad, Carlo Alberto Rossi, Roberta Torre and Mario Pezzolla.


Alice - Il giorno dell'indipendenza (R.Camisasca) - The Independence day

The great Italian performer is back to the Festival 19 years after her victory with Per Elisa. During this long period she has been recording several albums with different syles. From pop to new age her aim has never been the commercial success, but to experiment and perform something of unique in the World music panorama.

Samuele Bersani - Replay (S. Bersani) - Replay

Young songriter, grown up at Lucio Dalla's school, Bersani still have to reach a good success, even if in the past had some hits in the charts. Simple songs with a touch of serious matters.

Carmen Consoli - In bianco e nero (C. Consoli) - In black and white

Loved by teen-agers, Carmen is a mix of the young Anna Oxa and Alanis Morrisette. She entred with bad results the newcomers section a couple of years ago. Despite of this fact she's becoming a little star. This year Festival could be her definitive consacration.

Gigi D'Alessio - Non dirgli mai (L. D'Alessio - V. D'Agostino) - Don't tell her never

Possibly the most important Neapolitan melodic singer of the moment, Gigi tries to conquer the whole Italian audience with his pop style songs.

Max Gazzè - Il timido ubriaco (M. Gazzè) - The timid drunk

An other of the new generation, Max writes intelligent lyrics on catchy music.

Irene Grandi - La tua ragazza sempre (G. Curreri - V. Rossi) - Your girl ever

She's just released a new album. The quality was good but didn't sell well. And she tries to re-launch it entering the Festival with a song written by Vasco Rossi. Could be one of the surprise of the competition.

Marco Masini - Raccontami di te (M. Masini - B. Dati) - Tell me about you

Is the authour of huge hits like Disperato (1st Newcomers 1990), Perché lo fai (3rd Sanremo 1991), Malinconoia still among the favourites of the Italian music consumers? His latest album "Scimmie" was a flop if compared to his bets sellers but Sanremo could be the a good chance to re-born. We wish him all the best.

Matia Bazar - Brivido caldo (P. Cassano - G. Golzi) - Hot shiver

Without the voice of Antonella this band has lost most of the feeling and genial ideas they used to have. But this year there is the come back of Piero Cassano, original keyboard player of the band and co-authour of most of Eros Ramazzotti's past hits; he left the Matia Bazar 20 years ago and now is, with Giancarlo Golzi (drums) the only original member.

Mietta - Fare l'amore (Mango - P. Panella) - To make love

An other Sanremo 'afficionada'. She won the newcomers in 1989 and took 3rd in the main competition in 1990 with the well known Vattene amore. Recently she starred in the prime time serial "La Piovra". Her song is written by Mango and this is a warranty of quality.

Gianni Morandi - Innamorato (E. Ramazzotti, C. Guidetti - E. Ramazzotti, A. Cogliati) - In love

He is the pre-announced winner. Why? Huge TV success in the last season with his prime time show "C'era un ragazzo" on RAIUNO, a song written by Eros Ramazzotti, really known among young and "old" people. Won the Festival in 1987 with "Si può dare di più" (with Enrico Ruggeri and Umberto Tozzi), is a symbol of the 60s.

Amedeo Minghi and Mariella Nava - Futuro come te (M. Nava -A. Minghi) - Future like you

An usual duet for one of the most melodic Italian singer and the Sicilian songwriter. She took 3rd place last year, Amedeo the same position in 1990. Everybody are curious to see the result of this unusual mix of styles.

Piccola Orchestra Avion travel - Sentimento (D. Ciaramella, G. D'Argenzio, F. Mesolella, F. Spinetti) M. Tronco, G. Servillo) - Feeling

A really original band, try to bias the success owned two years ago with "Dormi e sogna". For 18 years the "little orchestra" has been passing through several styles from rock to the mix of ethnic/folk/classic roots, collaborating with several artists of the Italian panorama, getting the appreciation of critics and audience.

Ivana Spagna - Con il tuo nome (I. Spagna, C. Tarantola - G. Spagna, I. Spagna) - With your name

Ivana can be easily considered to be one of the most famous Italian singers in the world. She charted in the '80s with hits such as "Easy Lady", "Call Me" and "Every Girl and Boy". In 1995 she took 3rd place with "Gente come noi" (People like us) selling about 400,000 CDs of her "Siamo in due" (We are in two) album. In 1996 she released the album "Lupi Solitari" and won the "Vota la voce" prize as best Italian singer of the year.

Subsonica - Tutti i miei sbagli (Casacci - Di Leo, Romano) - All my mistakes

A young band reminding the Matia Bazar of the '80s, on the musical front. Electronic sounds mixed cleverly can be the key to get the votes from the young jurors.

Umberto Tozzi - Un'altra vita (U. Tozzi) - An other life

If someone doesn't know Umberto it means that doesn't know the history of Italian music at all. With more than 30 millions of discs sold worldwide Tozzi can be considered to be one, if not "the", King of Italian Pop Music. Hits like Gloria, Ti Amo, Tu, notte Rosa, Io camminerò, Gli altri siamo noi, Gente di Mare, Si può dare di più... are in the memory of most of us and be sure that this year he enters with a great song!

Gerardina Trovato - Gechi e vampiri (T. Sinatra - G. Trovato) - Geckos and vampires

From Sicily, Gerardina has entered Sanremo twice taking 2nd place in the Newcomers 1994. Her style is a mix of folk and pop Italian sounds, with some atmospheres of her native region. She's a good performer, full of strenght. she made a good duet in the past with Andrea Bocelli on the theme "Vivere". She was also the support to Zucchero tour in 1993.



Joe Barbieri, Non ci piove (G. Barbieri)

B.A.U., Ogni ora (C. Ciampoli)

Marjorie Biondo, Le margherite (M. Biondo - M. Biondo, M. Fiorilla)

Alessio Bonomo, La Croce (A. Bonomo)

Davide De Marinis, Chiedi quello che vuoi (De Marinis, D. Bosio - De Marinis, C. Farolfi)

Erredieffe, Ognuno per sé (P. Calabrese)

Laura Falcinelli, Uomo davvero (E. Monti - P.M. Benedetti)

Claudio Fiori, Fai la tua vita (G. Bigazzi, M. Falagiani - C. Fiori, G. Bigazzi)

Jenny B., Semplice sai (F. Minoia - G. Bersola)

Luna, Cronaca (C. Mattone)

Andrea Mazzacavallo, Nord-est (A. Pozzan)

Andrea Mirò, La canzone del perdono (A. Mirò, E. Ruggeri)

Moltheni, Nutriente (U. Giardini)

Fabrizio Moro, Un giorno senza fine (F. Mobrici)

Padre Alfonso Maria Parente, Che giorno sarà (A. Parente)

Enrico Sognato, E io ci penso ancora (E. Sognato)

Tiro Mancino e Riccardo Sinigallia, Strade (F. Zampaglione - F. Zampaglione, R. Sinigallia)


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