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Supernovas, planetary conjunctions and Earth seismicity

(quantic seismology)


~ English edition for the NOAA-NASA "World Space Week" ~

    Marea: "...il Sole interviene (solo) a modificare l'ampiezza della marea (acquea) ...la componente di gran lunga più importante della m. atmosferica è costituita da una oscillazione solare semidiurna... La teoria delle m. atmosferiche deve spiegare il fatto che la m. lunare è da 20 a 30 volte minore della m. solare, anche se la forza gravitazionale di m. esercitata dalla Luna è più che doppia di quella esercitata dal Sole, e che essa è a sua volta maggiore di quanto ci si attenderebbe da un calcolo basato sulle sole forze gravitazionali" (L.U.I. Treccani, 1974 Roma).

    Premise: commonly we think that far-off asters, also the great planets as Jupiter or Saturn, they are able to influence gravity only a tenth of what the Moon can do, accountable for liquid tides and the earthly tides, as the earthquakes: the same action of the Sun penetrate below the surface earthly seems to be half of that lunar, and the tides contrast to the action of the Sun and of the Moon, reducing of a third the measurable value with a "pendulum of twist". However, if suddenly we miss the gravitational action of the Sun or of Jupiter, is evident that the effect on the Earth would be many more disruptive in comparison with the absentia of the Moon! Such we may certainly resolve such contradictions introducing the ratios of energy (potential) and not of force and acceleration: in such a case, quite the reverse of what over, the Jupiter or Saturn energetic actions are superior ten times in comparison with the Moon. It is well true that always does not have been possible that we have noticed seismic phenomenon in concomitance of strong planetary perturbations, but this only because the relative action is verified in a well determinate directions and in more tender geological places. In other words, we may consider the planetary perturbations as possible causes (necessaries but not sufficient) to sudden seismic effects, as the fuse of an explosive. More exactly, in a manner similar to the damping of a pendulum, such perturbations furnish the energy that is stored, while the possible movements of earthly clods force the oscillating system, increasing her power.

Giovanni Imbalzano © 2012 Moncalieri Italy

Supernovas, planetary conjunctions and Earthly seism (*)

11 440 BC: SN, and last but two geomagnetic inversion, with an intense seismic and volcanic activity. Epoch of the Nefilim (~10 500 BC, from Sumerians texts):

                            "They are on the Eatrh the Giants in those days " (Genesis 6.4)
6 295 BC: SN, and penultimate geomagnetic inversion with radioactive precipitation (U). Neolithic (4236 BC: observation of the Sirius star; wagons and circular constructions)
3 113 BC: geomagnetic inversion the latest. Gentlemen of the Sky in Babel (~3000 BC): "We get off so we confuse their tongue" (Genesis 11.7)
1 800 BC: variation of C14. God of Abraham: "He raised the eyes and he saw that three men's were with of he." (Genesis 18.2)
1 147 BC: SN..? Intense seism and radioactive precipitation (U)
600 BC: variation of C14
134 BC SN type I in Scorpio, of Ipparco and Chinese
5 BC SN Chinese, with alignment of planets (7-6 BC) and variation of C14: Magus’s to Bethlehem (birth of Christ)
Magus’s: "We have seen a star great, lamping among all other,

and become dark it insomuch that they it disappeared!" Proto-Evangel of James XXI, 2 (~ 150 AC) 7-4 BC... 1987 AC. 

    The Magus’s or "Three Kings" had departed by the Orient two years before (Matthew 2.16) in occasion of the planetary alignment of the 7/6 BC, interpreted by Chaldeans as prediction of too great an event that must be verified in Bethlehem; they observed only then (Mt 2.9) the "fixed star" of maximum shine, that same observed by Chinese’s.


33 AC: Moon / Sun conjunction, then opposition (total / partial eclipse), whirlwinds in Cappadocia, 2 Earthquakes to Jerusalem (death and reappearance of Christ)
79 AC: eruption of the Vesuvius (and alignment of planets)
185 Chinese SN in Centaur (7/12/185)
386-393 & 436 (Centaur, Sagittarius, Scorpio) Novae..?
600: weak variation of C14
716-827 SN (?) in Scorpio, Novae..? Earthquakes in Iran (856-893)
1006 SN type I in Wolf
15/5/1054 Armenia SN -type I (binary star) and/or 4/7/1054 -type II Chinese Z (single-hit star) in Bull, with variations of C14
1181-1203 Chinese SN in Cassiopeia - Scorpio?
1224-1240 SN in Scorpio: weak variation of C14, devastate in Anatolia (1268) and China (1290)
1408 Arabic SN in Swan: variation of C14; 1572 Brahe (II) in Cassiopeia: conjunction (Mar, Jup, Sat) and long Earthquakes (China 1556, Emily 1575)
1604 Kepler SN (I) in Ofiuco (**) with Mars and Jup in conjunction; 1670 SN (II) in Cassiopeia

1700 26 gen.: Alaska e California (~ 52N 178E) m9.0; 1737 16 Ott.: Kamchatka, Russia (~ 53N 161E) m9.3

1742 1 Sep.: triple conjunction (Mer, Jup, Sat) and partial occultation's: 1743 (Mer, Sat); 1746 (Mer, Ven); 1748 (Ven, Mar)
1750: strong Earthquakes (India, Portugal, Italia) with triple conjunction of the day 19/4/1755 (Ven, Mar, Ura)

1755 31 Oct.: very strong Earthquake in Portugal (70-100,000 victims) m9: Sun ~90° on Sat / Jup, Ven ~90° on Sat / Moo & Mer / Ven (<=click!)

          16 Dec.: Valdivia, Chile m8.5; 1761 5 Jun. & 1769 3 Jun.: transits of Ven*Sun

1833 25 Nov.: Sumatra, Indonesia m8.7: Jup*Moo/Ven ┴ Mar*Sun/Sat (<=click!); 1885 20 Aug.: Extra SN; 1904 SN (?) in Sagittarius

1906 22 Feb.: triplet (Mer, Ven, Sat) and Earthquake of Valparaiso (16 Aug. m8.3) with max magnitude registered for now (Richter scale)
1908 Jupiter / Saturn opposition (click) on the axis Sun / Plu e Ven / Nep  (click): strong Earthquake of Calabria's Reggio and Messina (28/12 m8) with
80,000 victims

1920 16 Dec.: China (Haiyuan  ~ 29N 111E) m8.6; 1926'50: other Earthquakes inferior to the precedent;

1942: SNIC 4182”; 1952 11 Apr. h03.38r: Kamchatka (53N 160E) m9.0: Jup / Sat 90°on Jup / Sun / Mer / Ven and Sat / Nep / Moo (<=click!)

1960 22 May h14.19r: Chile (38.24S 73.05W) m9.5: Mer / Sun (& Ven)  ~90° on Jup / Moo (& Ven) and Sat / Mar (& Moo) apparently external

1962 5 Feb: an alignment (conjunction) of Sun and Moon with five planets (Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn).

1964 27 Mar. h18.27r: Alaska (Prince William Sound 61N 147.5W) m9.2: Moo / Sun 90°on Mar / Jup and Sat / Ven

1967 6/9: triplet (Mer, Juno, Ura); 1968, May: Earthquake of Belice (Sicily) in proximity of various planetary triplets
1968 21-31/8: triplets (Mer, Ven, Jup) / (Mer, Ven, Ura) followed from (Mar, Jup, Ura) 31 Nov.

1974/10/26, quartet (Mer, Ven, Mars, Ura): strong seism in mid-Orient (1972'74), in center-America (1972'76), China and Philippine isles (1976)

1976 7/9: triplet (Mer, Ven, Mar), strong Earthquake in Philippines, China and Friuli (Italy 1976)

23/2/1987: 1987A extra SN, strong Earthquakes (Peru, China, Iran)

2000, 5 May: alignment (conjunction) of Sun, Moo with five planets (Ven, Mer, Mars, Jup, Sat);

           9 May complete conjunction, planets at equilibrium!

2000 17 May h10:31, Ven*Jup in partial occultation (41.87"); 2000/2002: seism in Piedmont, Italy

2003 Dec.: Mar / Jup & Jup / Ear ~90° on Sun / Ear & Sat / Sun (<=click!), seisms in Iran (Bam 29N 58E) with 31 thousand deads

2006 15 Nov.: I. Kuril Islands m8.3: 10 Dec. triplet (Mer, Mar, Jup); 2007 12 Dec.: Jakarta, Indonesia m8.5

2007 1 Apr.: Salomon Islands m8.1: 23 Dec. alignment / conjunction (Sun, Mer, Ear, Mar, Jup, Plu) toward the galactic center

2007 -2012: intense seism and planetary alignment in the arc of a year (***)

2010 27 Feb. h01.43r,  Chile (Offshore Maule 35S 72.5W) m8.8: Sat & Moo (& Sun) 90° on Sat & Moo / Jup (& Nep & Ven) & Sun, apparently external

2011 11 mar. h15:15r, Japan East (Honshu 38.32N 142.37E) 26 000 victims m9.0; 8 June: new type of Super-Nova outshines the rest.

Media of the SN appearance: every 100 years

*) ? =Not documented, extra Extra =Extra-galactic.
**) Sagittarius, Ofiuco, Scorpio, Wolf, Centaur, Cygnus and Cassiopeia: constellations especially of population I (binary young stars predestined to SN).

***)     Date           (T-T        Declination)               Planets

            2012/02/10 02:08:49 0.30352° conjunction Venus * Uranus

            2012/02/13        opposition / Earth              Mars       /   Neptune

            2012/03/13                "                                Venus     /         "      

            2012/03/27                "                                Mars      /   Uranus    

            2012/04/29                "                                Mars      /   Venus     

            2012/05/02                "                                Mercury /   Saturn     

2012/05/19                "                                Venus    /   Jupiter     

            2012/05/22 05:32:11 0.38379° conjunction Mercury * Jupiter... then * Venus (click!): continue telluric movements in Emily, & 2012/05/28 on Pollino Mount m4.3

            2012/06/01 20:18:52 0.19221° conjunction Mercury * Venus      

            2012/06/10        opposition / Earth               Mars      /   Jupiter    

            2012/09/03                "                                 Venus    /   Uranus   

            2012/11/27 01:11:50 0.52551° conjunction  Venus   *   Saturn    

            2013/02/04 21:03:32 0.40627°          "         Mars     *   Neptune        

            2013/03/22 18:18:04 39.10"             "         Mars    *   Uranus in partial occultation

            2013/03/23        opposition / Earth                Mercury /   Uranus

            2013/03/24                "                                       "       /    Mars, into two conjunctions (08/02-08/05/2013)

            2013/06/27                "                                       "       /    Jupiter

            2013/09/21                "                                       "       /    Venus.


Planets history

Conjunctions (<=click): 7&3 BC   Conjunctions (<=click): 2000  Alignment (<=click): 2012

Emily / Lombardy 20/5/2013 h3.04r m5.9 (Richter scale), epicenter in Finale Emily (44.8N 11.3E); 29/5 h8,00r m5.8; 3/6 h20,21r (h21,21 legal, UTC 19,22) m5.1: about 27 victims.

News 9/6/2012, h5.04

Full moon over Venetian and Emily, while Uranus is opposed to Mars ( and Saturn )

with a good symmetry of the gravitational trajectories in comparison with Moon and Sun:

the epicenter in proximity of the axes of trajectories can amplify the seismic phenomenon

(seism of 4,5° on the territory with preceding lesions). Note:
the astrophysics can foresee times and maximum magnitudes, the geology the places of more probable seisms!


Confirmation of the 10/6/2012, h3.04 real, on the same areas

The gateway of the Moon (near Neptune) ~90° on Saturn/Jupiter, with Pluto/Sun ~90° on Uranus/Mars,

has produced increasing shakes (1-2.5), with a central peak (4.5), next decreasing.

Un fenomeno simile si è verificato in Turchia (click!)

Empirical prediction for the 11/6/2012 day

    the gateway of the Moon, about the 6 AM, is able to induce some light shakes in the preceding six hours. Indeed, the Uranus/Mars opposition has struck (~h2, m2.3 ); in h17.35, the subsequent shakes represent a secondary advance tide, on account of the opposition of Moon (and Uranus) / Mars.


    Subsequently (15-17-18/6 toward China, Philippine and Japan) the unloading, full of energy, may have saved up the Emily in some measure: so we may prove the accumulation of gravitons on the Earth "capacitor", as per the quantum theories in general relativity of Einstein-Dirac-Imbalzano (*) with atomic interference (magnetic and) gravitational, an hypothesis confirmed by subsequent data. Violins example: keys = planets, rope = dynamic gravity, bow = Earth forces, sound box = discards, pinch = tide.


# © Giovanni Imbalzano Moncalieri medgravi.mp3 Italy 1997/2012 Copyright © #

See Italian version


18/6 Mantua, Modena, Ferrara: h15.26 m2.5
19/6 Mantua, Modena: h0.02 m3.2 (and down to h5.45, m2-2.4)
19/6 Caliari and Minorca (<=click!) h00.10~ m4.5: Mars / Uranus, with "secondary" tide of Sun / Moon / Venus / Jupiter.
19/6 Mantua, Modena: h23.48 m3.5 (and down to 20/6 h5.20, m2-2.9)

20/6 Mantua, Modena: h0-5.20 m2-2.9; 21/6 h0.&16 m2.2&2.1; 22/6 h10.45 m2; h23.30 m2.7... 23/6: others five <=m2.4
        Alignment of the Sun on the ecliptic
23/6 h14.25 loc. Sumatra (Aceh NW) m 6.0, prosecution of 17/6 (Philippines)... approximation and synthesis:
        Jupiter / Uranus / Neptune (h 7.30) o Mars/Saturn (19.30); synthesis (real h 14.30) Mars / Uranus & Saturn / Neptune
23/6 Athens W h 21.29 m 4.8: Sun centrally opposed, with Mars / Uranus
24/6 h13.55 loc. Russia East, m6.1: Sun central, Venus & Uranus / Mars
24/6 h19.47 loc. China (Yüannan) m 5.7: Sole centrally opposed, Mars / Uranus & Mercury / Pluto
25/6 Tremiti (Gargano, Puglia) h3.39 legal, m 3.4: as upper, Mars / Uranus
        The planetary opposition moves in retrograde manner from NW to SE confirmed from
26/6 (Siena) h23.14 m2 to 27/6 (Syracuse m 2.8, 3.8, 3) h4 real m3.8
28/6 Modena h1.54 / 4.24 (m 2.1 / 2.2) & Catania NE h23.58 / 0.39 (real 1.39) / 4.42 (m 2.2 / 3.2 / 2.8)

Octagon of the risk, with the Moon in direction of Saturn ( <= click!) following Kepler.

30/6 ~h10 loc. m6.6 China NW (Xin-Kiang): Venus e Jupiter / Saturn / Uranus / Mars ~h10 Mercury / Pluto


01/7 h6.19 loc. m5.0 Iran NW (Borüjerd, lat~34°): Sun ~90°, Uranus / Saturn e Mars; h22.02 real, m3.2 Emily (lat~45°) situation analogue to the next
02/7 ~h0.30 loc. m5.3 Iran (Taybad): Sun centrally opposed, Uranus / Saturn and Mars; ~h23.35 real, m3.3 Trapani (Mazara, lat. 37°30)

The contemporary observation of an upper powers toward S-SE confirms the planetary hypothesis and the aforesaid seismic moving.

03/7  h4.27-5.22 real, now in Emily m2.3-2.6

04/7 h3.28r, Cosenza (Castrovillari ~40N 16E) m2.5: Moon-Sun ~90° on Uranus / Saturn (<=click): exemplar the axis Moon - Sun on the planets field

09/7 h18.13r, Roma SE (~ 42N 12.5E) m3.5: Sun & Pluto ~90° on Uranus / Saturn & Mars (<=click)
10/7 h4.56r, Emily (~ 45N 11E) m2.8: Sun & Pluto ~75° on Uranus / Saturn (<=click)

12/7 h3.11r,Emily m2.2: (only) the Sun on the Uranus / Saturn axis (<=click); h22.22 real, Capri SE (40.5N 14E) m4

12/7 ~h23.44r, Afghanistan (Hindu Kush, Kabul 35N69E) & Pakistan (Peshawar 34N 72E, Lahore 32N 74E) m5.8 & 6.3:

Sun on the Uranus / Saturn axis (line more up against the latitude 34° in comparison with the precedent 45°).

13/7 h0.48 & 3.03 local, Iran SE (~30N 57E) m4.5:

        as up (<=click) it's evident that the planets act as "interrupters" while the geophysical conditions "amplify" the magnitude of the seisms.

        h5.07r, Cosenza (Castrovillari~40N 16E) m2.6

14/7 Emily h23.09 real, m3.0: exemplar... (<=click); 15/7 India NE (Kohima, 26N 94E) ~h3.07 local, m5.6:

        as up (<=click) on the conjunctions, aligned planets condense the solar gravitational energy, out of equilibrium properly for the weakness of their interactions, on "separable" particles of the Earth.

16/7 Emily h2.00 & 18.39 real, m2.9: Sun on the axis of (Jupiter plus Uranus) / Saturn (<=click)
19/7 Emily h3.18 real, m2.3: Sun (with Moon) is at 90° on Jupiter / Saturn  (<=click)


A seismic hazard the night of on August 5, 2012 to latitudes under Potenza


A seismic hazard the night of on August 6, 2012 to latitudes under Siracusa


    What we may verify some seisms, also of magnitude 7.5, to latitudes of Saint Francisco - Reggio Calabria - Tokyo, agrees with when declared by Alexander Martelli, manager of the ENEA of Bologna (IT) as it was founded by means of some methods distinct from my. He remembers: "Ci sono tre diversi algoritmi di previsione, due elaborati da esperti nazionali e uno da sismologi russi, concordi nel prevedere un forte evento sismico in questa zona in un arco di tempo che va da pochi mesi ad un anno, forse anche due". (corriere.it)

~ ~ ~

~ ~


21/7 Lazio/Abruzzi (42.5N 13.5E) h0.00 real, m2.1: Sun (and Venus) on Jupiter / Saturn   (<=click)
        The alignment to the ecliptic continue toward South and so it point out the local influence of planets.

21/7 Emily (Ravenna 44.5N 12E) h23.30 real, m2.8 (a seismic arrangement, preceded in the afternoon from a air whirlwind)
22/7 Birmania (Myiteyina 26N 97.5E) h8.41, m5.2: Sun (anticipated by Venus) on Jupiter / Mars  (<=click)

23/7 Emily h1.14 real, m2.6 (after other 4 shakes of the 23/7, in planetary situation similar to the precedent)




25/7 h7.30 loc. Sumatra (Medan 3N 99E) m6.6: planetary situation (<=click) similar to the two precedents

27/7 ~h5loc. Mauritius West (Rodriguez 20S 64E) m5.6-6.7: (Johannesburg ~h2.5 loc. 26S 25.5E) Sun ~90° on Venus / Moon, addressed by Uranus on Neptune / Venus (<=click):

        Jupiter and Saturn nearly on position of the preceding prevision for August 2012 (see up) however in alignment, as follows!
29/7 h8.51 loc. Birmania (Mandalay NW 22N 96E) m5.7: (~h9.41 in Calcutta): (Mercury and) Sun ~90° on Jupiter / Saturn (<=click) and Venus / Mars, they replaces Jupiter / Mars

30/7 S. Severo FG (41.5N 15.5E) m2 h0.47 real, as in previsions: Mercury & Sun ~90° on Mars & Saturn / Jupiter (<=click) and also Venus / Moon and Pluto / Uranus

31/7 h23.48 real, m2.6 Emily - Lombardy (Pegognaga 45N 11E)
01/8 h0.45r m2.2 Sibylline mounts (43N 13E); h1.12r m4.1 Turkey (Van 39N 43E): Sun ~90° on Saturn / Jupiter (<=click) and Pluto / Uranus;

        h3.07r m2.2 Aeolian islands (38.5N 15E); the proof is complete, as in previsions: it's more and more evident that

the transverse alignment of planets increases the flow of the gravity of the Sun; it provoke fluid tides, and pushes under the crust of the Earth.

Also for objects next to Sun, as the Earth, the field lines internals to the conjunctions are more dense:

a variation ~1 % for the Sun gravitation on the Earth it is equivalent to the double of the gravity of the Moon.

    The quantized energy accumulation and the jumps of level for variation of the gravitation can induce quantic interference properly in the aforesaid ratio unto 1%.

    Sling-effect: the solar gravitation that is "addressed" from planets unhooks the particles of the subsoil from the Earth's gravity, bringing these in a configuration of instability; it free the force of Coriolis (with a maximum value double in comparison to that of the Earth) producing the seismic waves.

   The relationships of forcibleness are more visible with use of logarithmic masses and distances, compatibly with the conformal-hyperbolic geometry of Einstein (original) adapted for the intervention of the mentioned special gravitons. A theoretical physicist enough expert can imagine the related equations of field, based on existence of gravitons; however I am available to a academic publication, after a writed demand. G. Imbalzano © 23/7/2012

The concentration of gravitational lines among planets determine the upsurge of tides under the Sun or the Moon, and centrifugal forces on the other side.

Linked In Theoretical Physics Group Discussion What is Gravity

    Gravitational dipole of Lindblom: “From above we have the normalized gravitational potential in the field point: F = c02-1/[S(1-bCosa)]. The force (per kg test mass) is the gradient of the potential, which has two orthogonal components: F1 = -dF/dS = 1/[S(1-bCosa)] and F2 = bSina/[S(1-bCosa)].”


01/8 h22.04r m2.3 Emily (Cento ~ 44.5N11.5E): Sun ~90° on Saturn / Jupiter, with expected lunisolar tide (Moon / Sun).

05/8 h01.55r, m5.9 Fiji (21S 178.5W);
06/8 h00~ Lombardy - Emily (S. Felice ~45N11E) m3.0; h00:36r, m4.5 California (Coalinga ~ 36N 120.5W);

        h12:28r, m5.3 Japan (Nishinoomote ~ 29.5N 130.5E) how to from my previsions, and likewise
        h13.21r, m5.1 Africa SW (52.5S 13.5E): Sun ~90° on Saturn & Mars / Uranus & Jupiter (<=click)

07/8 h4.08/4.24r, m2.2 Potenza/Cosenza (M. Pollino ~40N 16E): as in the days 30/7-1/8, we have definitive Confirmation (<=click!) for the 18/7/2012 previsions;

        we deduce a possible arrangements until the days 13/8-15/8 (the Richter magnitude, persistent at 2.2, involves a weak instability of the crust).

08/8 h01.17r, m4.0 Turkey (Manisa  ~ 38.5N 27.5W); h19:35r, m5.6 Mexico (Socorro I. ~ 20N 110W); 10/8 ~h5.37r, m2.1 Catania (Caltagirone ~ 37N 14.5E):

the data confirm the decrease of the latitude with the Earth inclination, and above all the centrality of the Sun, more often in opposition orthogonally to the alignment of the planet.


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