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Church Museums
A panorama of Milan's art museums should include (besides the minor museums of Sant'Eustorgio and Santa Maria della Passione) two more collections that are not extensive, but which are of great interest.

Church museums

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excerpt from pages 91-92
Museo del Duomo
When you visit this museum, which is housed in the Palazzo Reale, the cathedral does not appear in its grandiose mystical dimension but is analyzed as a building-site on which work has already been in progress for six centuries and, with all the maintenance needed, seems destined to continue for long as the city itself. There is a series of sculptures that demonstrate the role of this 'building-site' as a center for artists both foreign and Italian. And there are models and designs and sketches and projects of various tastes, styles and epochs.

Seen close up, the 14-15th century statues from the Lombard and Rhine Schools brought down from the spires up on the cathedral's roof as well as the age-old stained glass panels appear in their full splendor. The wooden models dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries are truly spectacular, and give a glimpse of a Duomo that is somewhat different from the one we see today.
It is also fascinating to observe how, when faced with crucial issues - such as how to complete the façade - architects and artists attempted each time to give the cathedral a new look, or otherwise to imitate older styles.

Piazza Duomo
nearest subway stations
9:30AM - 12:30PM and 3 - 6PM
• closed Monday

entrance charge

tel. 02 860358
Museo della basilica di Sant'Ambrogio
Like the Museo del Duomo, this museum groups together artistic testimonies of the long history of the church of Milan's Patron Saint, Ambrogio. Among its most conspicuous treasures is a collection of tapestries and precious fabrics, some of which are truly ancient (4th century AD).

There are numerous illuminated manuscripts, although not all the basilica's patrimony of manuscripts, kept in its nearby library, has yet been studied in depth.
In the museum are paintings by Zenale, Bergognone, Bernardino Luini, and more direct evidence of phases in the basilica's construction: fragments of previous architectures, of the ancient doors, of mosaics, and of stained glass panes.

Piazza Sant'Ambrogio 15
nearest subway stations
temporarily closed for renovation

tel. 02 86450895
Museo Diocesano
This is of a more recent creation of the Milan Diocese, currently used mainly for temporary exhibitions.

Corso di Porta Ticinese 95
10AM - 7PM; Thursday till 10PM
•  closed Monday

entrance charge

tel. 02 89404728

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copyright © 1996-2003
Monica Levy, Roberto Peretta
copyright © 1996, 2002
Ulrico Hoepli SpA, Milano

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