"His technique is dazzling, every note precisely placed and weighted, every point of imitation clearly brought out, and all parts in the counterpoint are beautifully phrased"

"In the middle of the sequence Tumeo places the Dowland (Poulton 8z Lam lA), and here he really goes to town, decorating at almost every opportunity, and progressively increasing the tempo to a veryvirtuosic finish. It's rare indeed to experience Dowland as an explosion of joy amidst others' melancholy!"

"The monstrously difficult divisions in `Mounsier's Almaine' are astonishingly well played, though I have some reservations about the phrasing in this piece"

Meic Goodyear "The Lute Society of England Magazine" march 98

Tumeo faces the passages of the different authors gathered by Robert Dowland with admirable poetry and enthusiasm: his sound instrumental preparation allows him to get to the heart of the expressive texture of the Fantasie, as is shown in the interpretation of the majestic Fantasia by Gregorio Huwet, (which literally takes the breath away)

Francesco Biraghi - Fronimo