1. The booking of our ships is accepted only after the due advance has been paid.
2. In case of cancellation, for any reason, the penalty will be equal to 50% of the charter amount if notified prior to 30 days before embarkation. Full price penalty will apply thereafter.
3. Boarding port, direction of cruise and landing port must be agreed upon before departure. Within these, our guests are free to organize their own cruise plan with the captain, who is however the sole responsible for ship and passengers and has therefore the right of final decision.
4. Should we not be able to have the reserved yacht ready for any reason, we are entitled to substitute it with another of similar characteristics. Should also this not be possible we will: a) refund immediately the lost days in height of the paid price b) try to find proper accommodation. After 48 hours of waiting time we are prepared to refund the whole sum paid. No other claims will be accepted.
5. If during the cruise a breakdown occurs, the crew will immediately repair it or have it repaired. Should the repairs need more than 48 hours to be completed, we will (one excludes the other): a) refund the lost days exceeding the 48 hours in height of the paid fee; b) extend the cruise for an equal amount of time, if possible; c) substitute the yacht with one of similar characteristics.
6. Delays of any lengths, at the beginning or during the cruise, due to bad weather, government or other authorities’ regulations or other causes of “force majeur” do not entitle to any refund.
7. Fuel for maximum 4 hours navigation daily is included in our prices. Shorter cruising time does not entitle to any refund.
8. The number of passengers cannot exceed the declared capacity of the yacht.
9. Any claims must be reported immediately to the captain and/or to our offices. No claims can be accepted after disembarkment.
10. Competent court is Antalya.