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I was born in Genoa (Italy) in 1973 and I am a student of Electronic (Biomedical) Engineering in my city university.

My Master Degree shouldn't be far away and I am developing a thesis on a hybrid system (rules and neural networks) for musical composition and "human-like" performance (including a physical model of a flute).

You have probably already understood that my main hobbies are chess (I am a national class player in both over-the-board and correspondence game) and music (I play recorders and flute).

So you are particularly welcome if your interests include :


Electrical / Computer / Bio Engineering

Recorders , Flutes and Music

I hope you'll find some useful links !

Artificial Intelligence and Flute Performance: TEST my thesis on line!


NOTE: To make enough room for all the audio files, I had to (temporarily) delete all the other pages. Anyway, you can find them at (where the computer audio files don't work.....)

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