Absorbed in the thick
of dense woodland,
raspberry bushes
doing their damndest
to prevent my passage

Spider webs weaving
my eyes ever closer
to the unforeseeable truth

As I sit
to scribe these few words
waiting in my heart
to be sung,
an earthworm crawls out
from beneath my leg

A half coconut shell
full of assorted leaves
catches my eye
on the ground behind me

Various bugs charting
the course of my body
I draw an imagined nature
on the face of leaf

Kick back and relax beneath
the shade of a giant Oak,
feel the breeze
that reminds me of the ink
I meant to splash
upon sitting:

I feed off the energy of the trees.
We exchange breaths
and in the breaths, share dreams,
coexist in the moment
as one another's met needs.