How can you heal
the wounds made by the loved ones
and never cured?
Since a long time forgotten
to cry alone
scared by a cruel light
without respect.

Even the time
brought no relief
nor dignity to exist.
When you feel them close,
like temple bells
dissolving the fog
of ancient illusions,
listen to them
with your heart, open in compassion:

They are the world's cry
everybody's tears, not just yours.
Let them free
to water your breath.
From their hands,
ancient gestures take form
a timeless medicine is reborn
that's the miracle!

Wounds will heal
with their mysterious force
your cravings
your regrets.
No longer forgotten
will embrace you
will give you advice and memory
they won't betray you.

From abandoned monsters
to sweet fairies
they'll take you in the wood
of your hidden past.
Asked about them
you will smile back in answer.

Light and courage
will close the wounds
opened by the loved ones.
And, free, you'll love again,
who injured you.