Dharma Roots and Practice Centers

A practice center is...

A place where living our daily life in mindfulness, practicing meditation with the community and working cultivating peace in our mind. This is, very shortly, a practice centre.

In harmony with the deep truth according to which there is nothing to attain, the practitioners are trained to live in the present moment without attachment (Dhyana), to realize the pure mind stillness (Samadhi) and to grow their Bodhichitta (compassionate mind of enlightenment).

Practicing like that, we live in simplicity each day of our life.

A practice centre is a place where we have the opportunity to rediscover calm, stability, and inner peace.

A context in which we can let go our habit to run after the future; a place where we can touch deeply the wanders of life that are always available to us and around us, experiencing a simpler way to live, a possibility to transform ourselves and heal.

Master Thich Nhat Hanh

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