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Quotations of "Nun will die Sonn' so hell aufgehn"

Original message:
We all know that the #9 will quote in its first movement the H.1 theme of bar 39 and the H.1 theme of bar 15-16 of this Lied.
But what I had not noticed was that the #8 is quoting this Lied too. In fact, just few bars before (36-38) the H.1 plays the "ewig, ewig" theme twice! This theme is played just after the voice sung "Die Sonne sie scheinet allgemein" [in relation to "ew'ge licht"?].
And, most interesting, the #7 is quoting in its finale this Lied again. In fact bars 52-54 the Vl.1 are playing the Tr.1 theme of finale bar 9 twice!!! This theme is played while the voice is singing "musst sie ins ew'ge Licht, ew'ge Licht".
In the past I said that DLvdE's "ewig" is related to the #8's one, and the #8's "ewig" is related with the #7's one. So, we realize that #7, #8, DLvdE and #9 are quoting this Lied!

The MIDI file:
1) Lied (bar 1-11)
2) Symphony #8 "ewig, ewig" (Teil II, bar 1486-1493)
3) #8's "ewig, ewig" (Teil II, bar 1486-1487, only main theme)
4) same theme in Lied (bar 36-43)
5) Lied (bar 39, only main theme)
6) #9's quotation of point 5 (Mvt.1, bar 376-379)
7) Lied (bar 15-20)
8) Lied (bar 15, only main theme)
9) #9's quotations of point 8 (Mvt.1, bar 6-8 and 268-270)
10) Symphony #7, Finale (bar 6-12)
11) #7's main theme (bar 9-10)
12) Lied (bar 52-56)

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Thank you, Marco Gregnanin. [Sep. '97]