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An undetected misprint in "Nun will die Sonn' so hell aufgehn"

Original message:
Look at the piano right-hand (or at Vl.1) at bar 60 and 62. You can immediately see that the two bars are similar. Originally [Ms II] we had on the two marcatos of bar 62 the notes Db(=Reb) and C(=DO) which made the sequence chromatic; and this happenes as well in bar 60 were we have B(=SIb) and A(=LA). But then bar 62 was corrected [StV II and EA II] to D(=RE) and C(=DO) and so the sequence became diatonic, as it is at bar 39; BUT bar 60 was not corrected and remained chromatic.
And in fact, THIS is the error: in order to transform bar 60 to a diatonic sequence the second marcato A(=LA) should be corrected into Ab(=LAb).

An hyphotesis:
If you exclude the marcato notes from bars 39, 60 and 62 the remaining sequence is made of descending semitones:
bar 39: D(=RE), C#(=DO#), C(=DO) and C(=DO), H(=SI), B(=SIb)
bar 62: G(=SOL), F#(=FA#), F(=FA) and F(=FA), E(=MI), Eb(=MIb)
BUT bar 60 has: Eb(=MIb), D(=RE), C#(=DO#) (correct) and C#(=DO#), C(=DO), C(=DO) (no semitone!)
this makes me think to bar 60 and 61 as to:
Eb - D - B - C# - C# - C - Ab - Cb // Cb - B - F# - G and so on.

The MIDI file:
1) Lied how it is (bar 59-63)
2) Lied, same bars, corrected version
3) Lied, same bars, with normalized intervals (an hyphotesys)

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Thank you, Marco Gregnanin. [Sep. '97]