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We are Tyrolean! Loretta B. Perner (Ancestry Magazine)

Coming Home
From The Val di Non To Rock Springs And Back Again
Allen Eugene Rizzi

Famiglia Dalfovo

Searching for my family in Val di Non

Searching for my family in Val di Non part II

My visit in Romeno

Jeannie Graiff Newman


The immigration of Carlo Pinamonti and Carlotta Valentini
My Memories of my Immigrant Parents
Theresa Pinamonti Zeigler

The Graiff Family Lineage Place

Zanoni History, Mary Zanoni

Trentino Alto Adige GenWeb, Annita Zalenski

Pinamonti-Valentini site

Greetings from the Rossi Family

Jandir Joćo Zanotelli

The Cattoni Family history

The Flaim family

Eugene Constante Fellin

The Albertini-Torresani family

The Orlandi Family

Stacie Gome's Genealogy Page

List of useful links Annita Zalenski

List of delegates for 1st World Congress in Trento


My grandfather Roberto Job, Sal Romano

Vigolo Vattaro, Dale Dallabrida

My American Story, Edwin David Rauzi

The life of my wife's grandfather, Jim Foote


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