October 4th, 2000

Ovo press conference - 15/6/2000FOR ALL THOSE WHO...


What a pitiful performance! And of course I'm talking about myself...
3 out of 3 not working files must be a kind of record.
Well actually 2 out of 3, since
the mpeg clip did work allright (but god knows why, it only functions on Macs - not Pcs).

I have fixed the streaming page with the lowest quality clip that now is accessible (no more popups: the viewer is embedded in its page) and functioning.

I also uploaded a similar low quality version (but slightly better than real video) in Quick Time 4 (files with .mov extension): this also, I'm afraid, will only work for Macs, though any user of QT4 on Windows might let me know if he managed it or not.

Higher quality versions in both Real Video and Quick Time 4 formats will follow in the next couple of days (the links are already there, but they will lead you nowhere, I'm afraid)...

Many apologies to all those who tried viewing or downloading the clips before today. And hey, thanks anyway for some great feedback!!!

October 1st, 2000

If this title is probably meaningless to most of non Italians, in fact, what it refers to is Peter's appearance on Italian Tv earlier today (Sunday, October the 1st, around 2.30pm), in a program called "Quelli che la domenica...", which in itself the first half of "Quelli che il calcio..." (a program with plenty of guests where they announce live footbal results between 14.00 and 18.00): the rough translation could be "Those who... on sundays" and "Those who... football". And today was the start of the new footbal season in Italy and of the new program series.

From what I heard, Peter arrived directly from Sardinia - where he actually is on holiday at this very moment - to get back to his family immediately after the performance. He sang "Father, Son" with help from David Rhodes, Richard Evans and (very probably) a realy nice copy of the background track from the Ovo album version (unless that was simply Evans on a great sampler...). Dickie Chappel was there as stage hand too.

After his performance, Peter talked for a few minutes with the program host - Fabio Fazio - and the chat will be the subject of my next update ;-)
I will make a transcription of the interview and will try to clean up a bit the other clips I captured live with my old Performa 5400 Mac...

In this page you wll find a few different versions of today's performance clip: you will have to download them, though, as my free host does not permit streaming media on its servers. Also, please keep in mind that my equipment is not really fit for pro video editing: I decided to make two Real Video versions (single stream, 1,3MB, and G2 sure stream, 3MB) and one in MPEG (about 8MB). Sorry, but I don't know how to cut it down to smaller sizes without totally loosing quality (it already is abouth 1/30th of the original uncompressed capture). I hope you'll enjoy them nonetheless.

Instead of growing (as I had hoped a few months ago), my time for working on this site is less and less. A lot of things are changing in my life right in these months... But I do hope to keep it going nonetheless, and I swear that "behind the scenes" I actually am working on it. Well sometimes at least... Somehow...

Unfortunately this will be all for now. But I will finally be able to see the Dome Show in early December (I already booked flight, flat & show ticket, and on my return I'll be sure to put up a proper "review" of both the show and the record that of course goes with it...

Meanwhile, all kind of feedback is, as always, more than welcome...

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