Sorry... apart from a 5 minutes-silent-out of focus film from the April Roxy gig and a 25 minutes fantastic private video (now lost...) from the September French tour, I haven't personally seen any of this years' gigs...
Do you have memories, details, tickets, memorabilia, reviews, etc? Please mail me at
the intruder

March-April (USA/UK)

05.03.77: Passaic, USA, Capitol Theater
06.03.77: Rochester, USA, Civic Auditorium
09.03.77: Davenport, USA, Orpheum Theatre
11.03.77: Chicago, USA, Uptown Theater
13.03.77: Detroit, USA, Masonic Auditorium
15.03.77: Cleveland, USA, Music Hall
16.03.77: Buffalo, USA, Century Theater
18.03.77: Philadelphia, USA, Tower Theater
19.03.77: New York, USA, Palladium
22.03.77: Toronto, Canada, Massey Hall
23.03.77: Montreal, Canada, Forum
24.03.77: Québec City, Canada, Colisée
28.03.77: Pittsburgh, USA, Stanley Theatre
29.03.77: Cleveland, USA, Music Hall
30.03.77: St. Louis, USA, Kiel Opera House
01.04.77: Kansas City, USA, Memorial Auditorium
02.04.77: Dallas, USA, Convention Center
03.04.77: Houston, USA, Music Hall
07.04.77: San Francisco, USA, Winterland
09.04.77: Los Angeles, USA, Roxy Club (2 shows)
10.04.77: Los Angeles, USA, Roxy Club (2 shows)
11.04.77: Los Angeles, USA, Roxy Club (2 shows)
24.04.77: London, GB, Hammersmith Odeon
25.04.77: London, GB, Hammersmith Odeon
26.04.77: London, GB, Hammersmith Odeon
28.04.77: Liverpool, GB, Empire Theatre
29.04.77: Manchester, GB, Apollo Theatre
30.04.77: London, GB, New Victoria Theatre (2 shows)

August-November (Europe)
«Sightings In The Test Area During Autumn 1977»

30.08.77: Ockenden, GB, Near Hasslemere (warm up)
02.09.77: Courtrai, Belgium, Palais des Sports
03.09.77: Antwerp, Belgium, Maison des Sports
04.09.77: Nijmegen, Holland, Vereeniging
07.09.77: Rotterdam, Holland, Doelen Halle
08.09.77: Bruxelles, Belgium, Forest Nationale
10.09.77: Paris, France, Féte de l'Humanité
13.09.77: Newcastle, GB, City Hall
14.09.77: Newcastle, GB, City Hall
15.09.77: Glasgow, GB, Apollo
17.09.77: Sheffield, GB, City Hall
18.09.77: Stoke On Trent, GB, Trentham Gardens
19.09.77: Brighton, GB, The Dome
21.09.77: Leicester, GB, De Montfort Hall
22.03.77: Bradford, GB, St. George's Hall
23.03.77: Liverpool, GB, Empire Theatre
25.09.77: Birmingham, GB, Odeon (2 shows)
27.03.77: Manchester, GB, Apollo
28.09.77: Manchester, GB, Apollo
29.09.77: Manchester, GB, Free Trade Hall
30.09.77: Southampton, GB, Gaumont Theatre
01.10.77: Cardiff, GB, Capitol Theatre
02.10.77: Bristol, GB, Hippodrome (2 shows)
04.10.77: Paris, France, Olympia
05.10.77: Lyon, France, Palais des Sports
06.10.77: Colmar, France, Palais des Sports
08.10.77: Hamburg, Germany, CCH
09.10.77: Copenhagen, Denmark, Tivoli
10.10.77: Stochholm, Sweden, Konserthuset
11.10.77: Stochholm, Sweden, Konserthuset
13.10.77: Munster, Germany, Munsterlandhalle
14.10.77: Wiesbaden, Germany, Rhein Main Halle
15.10.77: Bern, Switezerland, Festhalle
16.10.77: Strasbourg, France, Le Chapiteau
17.10.77: Offenbach, Germany, Stadthalle
18.10.77: Koln, Germany, Sporthalle
19.10.77: Dusseldorf, Germany, Philipshalle
20.10.77: Dusseldorf, Germany, Philipshalle
21.10.77: Berlin, Germany, Eissporthalle
22.10.77: Munchen, Germany, Circus Krone
24.10.77: Dijon, France, Le Chapiteau
25.10.77: Nantes, France, Parc des Expositions
26.10.77: Lille, France, Palais des Congres
27.10.77: Poitiers, France, Arena
28.10.77: Bordeaux, France, Patinoire
29.10.77: Toulouse, France, Palais des Sports
30.10.77: Paris, France, Nouvel Hippodrome
01.11.77: Bath, GB, Sports And Leisure Centre