Friends Links

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European Trio                   Trio Flutes with Maxence Larrieau, Antonio De Matola e Carlo De Matola
TIMEBANDITS                 From a MP3 site some MP3 free musics
New Open Horizonts       An italian Arts Group: music, paint, poetry, etc.
Andrea Ortu                          This is my MP3 site of baroque flute musics     
The "Canne"                    A very interesting site of a old/new sport fencing similar. He is Lorenzo Ravazzani.
Fa-Sol-Blue-Band                An italian cover band. Not only italian songs.
Benny Greco                           He is guitar player, painter and so much more.
Ortu Art Gallery                    I am also a painter. I paint with oil on a prepared wood. Look my pictures
Ensemble l'Apotheose         A great group of baroque music. Enrico Di Felice is the artistic director. MP3 Files.
Historical Fencing              The offiicial site of the Italian Federation of Historical Fencing; the Master at Arms is Andrea Lupo Sinclair
Pier Paderni "magisterludi" homepage      The official site of Pier Paferni, great italian artist