Trio dell'Isola

 Andrea Ortu flute

 Claudio Frigerio cello

 Silvia Leggio piano

    The Island trio is an italian chamber group born with a exact purpose: to play music  not really known, but all the same interesting and of great quality.

    The wish of the Island trio is always to reach and communicate with all kind of audience and the choice of  any concert program is oriented in that way.
    Besides original compositions we love to play arrangements from contemporary authors (C.Corea, A. Piazzolla, etc.).

    We have numerous pieces available:



L. Van BEETHOVEN          Tema e Variazioni
C. M. von WEBER               Trio op. 63
F. J. HAYDN                          Trio Hob XV Nr. 16 e Nr. 17
M. CLEMENTI                      Trii Nr. 1/2/3 op. 31
G. DONIZETTI                      Trio
J. L. DUSSEK                      Gran Sonata op. 65
J. N. HUMMEL                     Trio op. 78
I. J. PLEYEL                           Tema e Variazioni
G. F. GHEDINI                      Musiche per tre strumenti (1963)
C. COREA                               Trio 1968
C. COREA                                Addendum
A. PIAZZOLLA                     Quattro Stagioni (Invierno Porteño, Primavera Porteña, Verano Porteño, OtoñoPorteño)
A. PIAZZOLLA                     Tre Tanghi (Violentango, Tristango, Libertango)
C. BRUNO                              Danze americane nr. 2
J. M. DAMASE                       Sonate en concert
G. SOLLIMA                            John Africa




First part
    A. PIAZZOLLA      Verano Porteño
                                   Invierno Porteño (from Four Seasons)

     J. M. DAMASE      Sonate en concert
     C. COREA             Trio (1968)

Second part
    A. VON WEBER    Trio op. 63 in g minor