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SSGRR-2003w Conference
{2003 Winter}
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Universe for Life! { Giovanni Imbalzano }
"From Holy Shroud to Big Bang"

         ABSTRACT. A recent experiment (BOOMERanG) has supplied us the image of the CMBR (Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation) generated during the birth of the universe (or Big Bang). Also appearing totally isotropic, it locally show some drops of intensity, correlated with the luminous frequencies. More in a generalized manner, the problem is placed to go back to the cause of similar variations resorting to determined hypotheses (sometimes much various) on the interaction of energy with matter. For the study of the images two opposite methods exist but not contrasting: the "analogic" study (optical) and the "digital" analysis (numerical), mathematically more manageable. As Majorana would say, adopting the first method, plus intuitive, we must turn over the "mathematical process => physical image" indeed we leave from the data experiences just to the aim to reproduce the mathematical formalism more adapted. For the CMBR, to the analogic method that digital is preferred and therefore I would not know to confront this my search with others, also is cited favorably. I rather propose the comparison with an other field of surveying: "sindonology" for which in my jobs an abundance of references is found.
        The analogy of the study "Holy Shroud" and CMBR consists in the discovery of the double images and their cause (blood/no blood and matter visibile/dark) due to the coupling or decoupling (of blood/aloe and matter/energy) that it produces a bi-modal histogram in the "frequencies spaces" of the images. Up to now solutions have been attempted alternatives (thought contrasting) which the vaporization/radiation/contact one of the body of the Holy Shroud and the separated utilization of the Einstein/Kaluza/Cartan hypotheses for the CMBR. For this last one, my hypotheses "SKETCH" take only which departure point the solution of Einstein (in the analogy with the H. Shroud, the vaporization)... showing but as it is necessary to complete the theoretical picture with the others!
        Reassuming with one image the idea of my job, I propose of giving a glance to the spectra of intensity (in abscissas from 0 to 255) defined in eidology as " spacial frequencies"; for the CMBR they cannot that to depend on the distribution of the observable frequencies. The analogy with the H. Shroud consists in the presence of various peaks, more far-off in the H. Shroud but present also in the CMBR: for this, it is meaningful "flat level" and not a lot the ends (than unfortunately they collect the infinitesimali limits, or infinites). Such flat level but it stretches to disappear, just "selecting those plans of color" corresponding to different variations of temperature (microK /K), like if the CMBR were composed of (at least) two bosonic states. Naturally, in said "selections" persist typical "oscillations" of tail, or come quite exalted, especially in HF.

        Analogous, in the Holy Shroud the primary image is originated above all from the "fresh blood" to the contrary of the others. The equivalents of the "sindonic" cloth are just the BOOMERanG "instruments" for CMBR, beyond that it puts into effect the very structure of the universe: they can above all influence negatively or positively the quality of the image (in reason of their geometry).                 Giovanni Imbalzano, November 2002, Moncalieri (TO) Italy