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Universe for Life! { Giovanni Imbalzano } "From Holy Shroud to Big Bang"



I-1) ORANGE original
# SIN2BIG-.mp3 #

A recent experiment (BOOMERanG) has supplied us the image of the CMBR (Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation) generated during the birth of the universe (Big Bang).

I-2) RED_GREEN original

ALTOUGHT appearing totally isotropic, it locally shows some drops of intensity, correlated with the luminous frequencies.

I-3) RED_GREEN visualisation with RED 100%(GREEN and BLUE 0%)

In a MORE generalized manner, the problem is [placed] to go back to the cause of similar variations resorting to determined hypotheses (sometimes much various) on the interaction of energy with matter.

III-9) Big Bang ENDings

For the study of the images two opposite methods exist (but) not contrasting: the "analogic" study (optical) and the "digital" analysis (numerical), mathematically more manageable.

800x600x16million. "Abstract"

As Majorana would say, adopting the first method, MORE intuitive, we must turn over the "mathematical process => physical image" indeed we leave from the data experiences just to the aim to reproduce the mathematical formalism THAT IS more adapted. For the CMBR, to the analogic method THE digital ONE is preferred and therefore I would not know to confront this my search with others, ALTOUGHT ARE cited favourably.

II-1) "Negative" 640x480 GIF: appear a secondary obscure image..!

I rather propose the comparison with AN other field of surveying: "sindonology" for which in my WORKS an abundance of references is found.

II-2) Overturn GIF reveals a (secondary)Bloodstains trace

The analogy BETWEEN the study "Sindon" (Holy Shroud) and CMBR consists in the discovery of the double images and their cause (blood/no blood and matter visible/dark) -due to the coupling or decoupling (of blood/aloe and matter/energy)- that it produces a bimodal histogram in the "frequencies spaces" of the images.

V-1) Big Bang / Holy Shroud Comparison

Up to now alternative (thought contrasting)solutions have been attempted SUCH AS vaporisation/radiation/contact one of the body of the Holy Shroud and the separated utilisation of the Einstein/Kaluza/Cartan hypotheses for the CMBR. For this last one, my hypotheses "SKETCH" take only AS departure point the solution of Einstein (in the analogy with the H. Shroud, the vaporisation)... BUT HOW showing it is necessary to complete the theoretical picture with the others!

800x600x16million. "Abstract"

Reassuming with one image the idea of my WORK, [Fig. 0] I propose TO GIVE a glance to the spectra of intensity (in abscissas from 0 to 255) defined in eidology as " spatial frequencies"; for the CMBR they cannot that to depend on the distribution of the observable frequencies. The analogy with the H. Shroud consists in the presence of various peaks, more far-off in the H. Shroud but present also in the CMBR: for this, it is meaningful "flat level" and not a lot the ends (than unfortunately they collect the infinitesimal limits, or infinities). Such flat level but it stretches to disappear, just selecting those plans of colour corresponding to different variations of temperature in microKelvin out of Kelvin ( K /K), like if the CMBR were composed of (at least) two bosonic states. Naturally, in said "selections" typical "oscillations" of tail persist, or come quite exalted, especially in HF.

II-3) Bend-down GIF emphasised by low resolution

Analogous, in the Holy Shroud the primary image is originated above all from the "fresh blood" to the contrary of the others.

II-4) Oil-stain GIF elaboration

The equivalents of the "sindonic" cloth are just the BOOMERanG "instruments" for CMBR, beyond that it puts into effect the very structure of the universe: they can above all influence negatively or positively the quality of the image (in reason of their geometry).


800x600x16million. "Abstract"


To small head therefore, for to small system therefore,

in one galaxy much small, for to large universe therefore,

in one small head therefore!

"The reign of skies is similar to a grain of mustard

that to taken man and seeded in its field" MATTHEUS 13.31[30 ]

II-5) GIF Movie…
# SIN2FACE.wav #

From Revelation of the double image on the SINDON...

my recent graphic elaboration of the Holy Shroud shows to halving image. In the revered Shroud of Turin, it has been given prominence to a second image, concerning above all the face. Joust now, through the use of computers, it has been possible to like to such to result, subjecting the "negative" to different proves of high and low resolution contrast.(*)

... to spectroscopic images of the Space study center "BOOMERANG":

III-1) Selected Faces

LIGHT PRIMORDIALE that has generated the Universe, since its first moment,

106x139x256+190x253x16million+160x120x16million. III-2, 3, 4) Big-Face outline

reveals NOT ACCIDENTAL structures,

III-5) "Orange" versus GRAY

like mysterious multiple FACE that proposed for one study of "Holy Shroud" type to here.(**)

Giovanni Imbalzano:

III-10) Big Bang Low Resolution for "Sound-Graph": visible again obscure Matter..!

From Holy Shroud to Big Bang

313x656x256. "SHRDHOLY.gif"

Through an automatic rifle scanner the author has insert into a highest resolution computer the image of the Face of the Holy Shroud, dedicating itself therefore to the elaboration of it, simply to the aim to obtain a file of universal reading (on systems MS-Dos TM and AMIGA-Dos TM) and obtain one new sound-graph, like had already made other times in low resolution.

# PROVA di SONOGRAFIA del "mento" #

Elaborating the "contrast of colour" and consequently reducing the number of pixel for line, it has uncovered the presence of according to tenuous but very visible face in the attached images, which "right" eye turns out overlapped to the "left" of the already famous Face.[Fig. II - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4]

518x479x256. "SNDM4CON.gif"

The reproductions come from original photographic negative of Enrie, but the prints that compose the new Face correspond totally also to the "negatives" of other authors. Therefore, it is from excluding the hypothesis of some strange photographic effect or elaboration, or that all that has had to the corruption of the happened woven one during the fire of Chambery. In fact, the second image is not symmetrical (like the burns) regarding the profile of the nasal septum, but only regarding the eyelids of the left eye.

II-4) Oil-stain GIF elaboration

The only reasonable explanation is that little hours have been overlapped longitudinally two parts of the cloth after the formation of the main image, which impressed more clearly on account of the relative freshness of the aloe-blood mixture, beyond that for the effective presence of a human Body. By means of the same graphical treatment one finds more clearly that on the normal photographs (to the positive one or the negative):

II-5) GIF Movie…
# SINF2DGI.wav #

- one fine line of demarcation between the two images, but also the other less meaningful ones, presumably due to similar refolds and little succeeded _ to the previous one, little after the formation of the previous "prints" on the Sheet;

- it marks signs to you on the forehead, that they remember the skirt of one Crown of Thorns, of shape similar to that repeating in the representations of the Crucified; the showier spots correspond also in the pointed out weak person symmetry of the image regarding the left eye

848x1169x2. "SINFROGI.gif"

(can moreover presume that the coming from haemorrhage from the skilful part of the thorax, is then diffused abundantly in the posterior part of the body also towards the left flank, there are traced during the complete folding of the woven one from left towards right, and that in full agreement with the position of the Sindon regarding the front part of the Body);

848x1169x2. "SINDORGI.gif"

- vary signs of strips impressed cross-sectionally on the Cloth, fort indication of the use of bends apt to lock up the body initially place to the inside of the Sindon (impregnated of aloe).[24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29]

G. Imbalzano "Sindone" MOVIE 2000

From a more recent elaboration I have been able to discover the image of a third party face, doubly symmetrical, regarding the first one which impression can be attributed to a second refold of the cloth (from little abandoned from the humid body of a man), that permitted me "to film" the double opening, and closing, of the precious funeral sheet. [Fig. II - 5] The description of IOHANNES comes then in mind who remembers (Gospel Chap.20, v.6-8) [30] "Arrives also Simon while Peter who followed it and entered in the sepulchre sees to lie for earth the bends..."

(*) "... while the Shroud, that it was on its head, did not only lie for earth with the bandage but, withdrawn from to part. Then the other disciple entered also who for first had arrived to the sepulchre and saw and believed."

223x203x256+187x181x256+107x94x16million. III-6, 7, 8) "Boomerang" CORNER: monkey-Man or Adam?
# GOSPEL2B.wav #

(**) Those that you will see [21, 22, 23]

it is SCIENCE and it is not; it is GESTALT and it is not;

it is PSYCOLOGY and it is not; it is PHILOSOPHY and it is not;

it is RELIGION and it is not; it is MYTH and it is not:

it is the ARCHETYPE of the eternal CHILD, is our UNCONSCIOUS UNIVERSAL one,

the First Emanation of the Only Thought,

going back the china of 15 billions of years

until prophetic PRIMORDIAL ART of the Big Bang![ Fig. I, III ]


I-1) ORANGE original

Therefore, as for the Sindon, the analysis (eidology) to the computer has allowed me to reveal times and ways of formation of the image, in the right comparison with the historical and scientific data, also the graphical representation of the CMBR (Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation), [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7] compared with other experimental parameters them can put to us in condition for estimating more better observable which: the T temperature of black body, the peak of the multi-polar radiation and the density of the matter (also that dark one) of the Universe. Based on that, we will be able to perfect some forecast on the far away future one of it.

III-9) Big Bang ENDings

The recent hypotheses on the Big Bang support that the primordial radiation has caught up more than one phase of equilibrium, modifying the characteristics of black body for the universe; based on that, we would expect at least a light movement of the peak of the fossil radiation (CMBR).

I-2) RED_GREEN original

Now, using the simple eidologic analysis, in connection with the images of the same experiment of deBernardis and others.[3 & Fig. related: I - 1 - 2] called Orange [2.83 < T < 3.03K] and Green-red [2.43 < T < 3.03K] I have been able to find one before remarkable "out of focus" of the second image [Ts 2.73K] regarding [T1 2.93K] also to the "negative".

I-3) RED_GREEN visualisation with RED 100%(GREEN and BLUE 0%)

Regarding the "barycentre" of the colours [Ts=(T1+2T2)/3)] the peak "of disturbance" [2.43<T<2.83K] is placed around to T2 2.63K; naturally, "the visual" value of the two peaks will go improved better, based on the other data experiences them. Also to such a scope T1 4 0.75 is meaningful to calculate the medium density only of the radiation effectively measured (Ts4) regarding that maximum available (T14) based on the simple relation WL/(W M+WL) Ts4, close to the already famous value (WL 0.7). Just this helps us to specify the value of the peak (T1) placing Ts4/T140.7, from which T1 2.98; respecting the "barycentre" of which over, we will place T2=Ts-(T1-Ts)/22.61K.

800x600x16million. "Abstract"

Such proportion subdivisions between the 3 fundamental visual colours does not have only a "eidetic" value, but they can be justified based on the thermodynamics. [Theory I]

IV-1) Cosmic Radiation possible DOUBLE-pick!

For the curve corresponding to the peak at Tstandard 2.73K (ls 2.898/2.73 1.06 millimetre) is like if there were a "landing" that it separates two distant peaks of 0.21 millimetre between of they and from the point ls in the proportion of 2/3 to 1/3 (from 0.92 to 1.13 millimetre).[Fig. IV-1] For T22.61K, millimetre is had l 2 1.11, with one shift 6.6% regarding ls, while l1 1.01 millimetre for T1 2.98K. The maximum shift (between two ends) 9% turns out of the order of the error of the BOOMERANG.

IV-2, 3) BOOMERANG "real"& SuperNovae+COBE+BOOMERANG "Power" "real" Wl 1.03 > 1.
Visualisation from "Figure 5,3/4" cited[7]

We remember that, inside 10% of error, from the power phantoms that less supply the indication on the iperbolicity or not of the universe (second that for the matter density and of energy is WM +WL >1 or not), [8 & Fig. " 5,3 / 5,4 ": IV - 2 - 3] one can deduce the average W=W M+WL=1.03 > 1 with the 65% confidence interval, for which the universe would be destined to close itself. At the same time, corrections to the limit of the already famous data experience would be necessary above all with regard to the moments of multi-pole (for compatibility with the data of "MAXIMA balloon-borne" and "TOCO"). Considering the data, it seems more prudent to estimate 1W1.03. In proportion, WL would go corrected like 7W/ 10 0.71 0.01 (1/2 mnemonic value!) but it does not influence the previous approximations on (Ti), and not even the hypothesis on its nature. In the theoretical part considerations adapted on this argument we will be able to be found, beyond the oscillations of intensity and the predominance of Spin in one the unified relativistic theory. [Theory III]

Spin Composition (21) => (7+3) Components

ChartObject High-Spin & SUSY 19 December 2002 Giovanni Imbalzano Indirizzo di posta elettronica: jmbalzan@iol.itChartObject 
SPIN composition (21)

In synthesis, without prejudicate the following seed-empiricists considerations, I point out to one possible SKETCH formulation (Supersymmetry Kaluza-Klein with Einstein Torsion and Cartan Hypothesis) considering the spinorial representations (Dirac-Fierz-Pauli) Di, j+Di-1/2, j+1/2 of dimension (2i+1)(2j+1)+2i(2j+2). [19] The Big Bang has left the traces of the bosons (Spin=1) in the gravitational space (Spin G=2) and must suppose the composition of Spin the S=G1 3 of dimensions 7(2j+1) and (2i+1)3. We obtain the irreducible representations Di, j (i+j=3) in three substantially various ways, that they carry to the intermediate particle existence of Spin (1/2, 5/2 and 3/2) beyond that of others bosons (Spin=0). These last ones involve the creation of the masses of the leptons and quark in the interaction of Higgs (Electro-weak theory were the first example). But the bosons interest us here, that in the lower representation (j=0) introduce the dimension (7) of more high Spin (i=3), and the others supply always the (3) members of vector-bosons (j=1) the associates to gravitons (the G=2). But it does not seem accidental that the relationship between the bosonic members, associated or not to the gravitation, approximates just that cosmological WM/WL3/7.[Theory IV]

III-9) Big Bang ENDings
# ENDINGS2.wav #

We interpret now the various levels of equilibrium from which the cancellation comes during a phase (intermediate) of decoupling of the radiating energy from the matter, that in particular visible one whose mass is today WM(visible) 0.1 regarding the total energy. Introducing the proportion 2 WM (obscure) /WM (visible) 2T2 /T1= 1.75 [Theory II] between dark and visible energy, from the equality WM (obscure)=WM - WM (visible) (1.03-1/ 2)-WM (obscure)/1.75 we obtain WM (obscure) 0.21, WM (visible) 0.12, always for W 1.03. With W 1 light different values are obtained: (WM (obscure) 0.19, WM (visible) 0.11), however compatible ones with the famous astronomical data until today.

IV-2, 3) BOOMERANG "real"& SuperNovae + COBE + BOOMERANG "Power" "real" Wl 1.03 > 1.
Visualisation from "Figure 5,3/4" cited[7]

I would define "historians" the deducted data exclusively from the CMBR of the universe, just because they describe the previous history, not dimmed by contingent phenomena. These "historical" data can favour the hypothesis of the closing of the universe: only accepting the reduction of the maximum amount of matter of 10% (WM) according to W, and holding account of ulterior "astronomical" data, we could consider the hypothesis of a flat universe.

I-4) Marked RED or RED_GREEN, in GREY scale and NEGATIVE (2.nd column)

Finally, the "eidetic" analysis of the images of the BOOMERANG concurs to find and to interpret the just proportions between visible and dark matter. To this purpose, the doubt can rise on the greater "definition" of the image just around to the greater temperature T1, rather than T2 which is introduced in greater energetic-statistical relationship (Wt/Wl=2Tt/Tl).[ Theory II ]

I-5, 6) Alto-/Cirro-Cumulus (major/minor condensation) represent RED/Red_GREEN images

That does not depend on the colour with which the image comes defined, since one sure correlation appears also in tones of grey beyond the negative: there is rather greater accumulation in the particular and one persistence (nearly one resonance of details) very famous also to the meteorology [Fig.I -5 -6] and in the techniques of medical microscopy.[20]

V-1) Big Bang / Holy Shroud Comparison

But, if this part of radiation comes from an interaction directed with the matter (of heavy bosons),[Theory I] it provokes resonances and eliminates the discontinuities, preparing the future visible matter also for advanced speeds of the light in the matter (erenkov effect), with effects of photographic fixing, while in the remaining part the dispersion stretches to increase.

V-2) 2002 / 2003 All the best!
# THANKS2B.wav #

Warnings and thank(s). In my WEB pages in INTERNET [ 18-20 ] other images can be easily found and original "sound-graphs" [Fig. III-10] on the Holy Shroud and the Big Bang. For me it is right thank the Professor de Bernardis, and their teams of "BOOMERANG", for the availability and the appreciation of this fascinating search.

~G. Imbalzano (TO) 2002 MONCALIERI Italy~



I) Gas of bosons. For the heavy bosons (with p = mv < mc) the expression of the free energy F = Nm - PV = - PV in absence of upgrades them chemical (m) coincides with that one of the black body (photons with v = c) dF = - (gVkT/3h3) (4pp2dp) / (ehn/ kT-1) only that the degree of polarisation g=2s+1 (= 3 for Spin s=1) normally is reduced only to gt = 2 in the photons case (for v = c is excluded the longitudinal member, at least for free waves). However, in Relativity a longitudinal polarisation is admitted (spaces them) such that pA0 in presence of loaded electrical workers, associated to the field A00 that satisfies to the condition pA+p4A4= 0 (space-time gauge). [8] But just the appearance of loaded electrical charges and relative masses demands that the universe was resupplied to its primordial CMBR from a neutral particle complex vector boson (like Z in Electro-weak theory) with various sure speeds from that one of the light (employee from the energy density), in such way that the energy is caught into the matter (pre- or post-inflationary coupling) at least in part. Naturally, far away from the matter the longitudinal field shall assume speed c of the light, and would completely disappear, with a "limit passage" m0 for the mass to which necessarily it was associated. But we remember that in such case the equation of a wave of Spin s is decomposed in (2s+1) independent equations, of Spin ()s, ()(s-1)...0, and only the "additional conditions" eliminate the exceeding members, so that to "the real" photon will remain associated the transversal members Spin ()s.[ 9 ] By the Electro-weak theory that means that then the vector boson "it just exchanges" its mass with a Higgs (Spin 0) boson in all similar to the exceeding member.[ 10 ] Going again to the primordial gas of complex bosons, it is thought that the processes sufficiently were adiabatic (S entropy constant): the waves in the matter were similar to those sonorous ones. Being p = hn / ui (i = t, l) we consider also various speeds of phase (ui) for the possible states of polarisation gt = 2, gl = 1, it is supposed that, also in the continuous energetic exchange between photons and others vector bosons, the cross-sectional waves contribute in statistical relationship gt/(gt+gl) = 2/3 to the primary cancellation, and that the same percentage comes then used from photons. Unless the involved temperatures and factor (2/3) we can refer to Debye theory for solid bodies (in dispersion absence):[ 11 ] putting
3/ c3 = 2/ut3+1/ul3, Vt = Vl = V, with ( i = t, l ), Ti = T(c3/ u3) in the sum
dF = gtdFt+gldFl = k (2VtT/ut3+VlT/ul3) (4
pn2dn) / 3(ehn/ kT-1) = Vk(2Tt/ 3+Tl/ 3)(4pn2dn) / c3(ehn/kT-1)
the T temperature coincides just with the average Ts = 2Tt/ 3+Tl/ 3. From the spectrum two very distinguished peaks will be able to be found, single in the case in which considerably Vt
Vl. They could however be introduced of oscillations
F/F = dV/V = (Vt - Vl)/2V = dT/T above all to H.F. like from the law of Wien Tl = constant, compatibly with the most recent data experience them (05-10-2002 N.A.S.A.):

II) Observable density. Reducing the amount of effectively reused radiation from photons to percentage (g t / 3) apart from the possible divergences on the choice of a cosmological model and on the effective intensity of the CMBR one obtains the property of "black body" for the universe dFg = g t VkT (4pn2dn) / 3(e hn / kT - 1) . The relations remain however valid: PV=E/3 = - F, S = - F/ T = 16 sVT 3/ 3c, P = - ( F/ V)T = 4 sT4/ 3c for which e = 3PV = 3ST/4, and at least in the adiabatic hypothesis e / T = constant. For the cancellation density it is r = e / V = 3P = 4s4T/ c, while W l / W t = kTl / 2kTt it represents the relationship of the exchange energies, proportional to the production of real matter (also equipped of charges) or virtual (dark and / or really neutral). And however, remembering Tt Tl : gt / gl WM(obscure) / WM(visible) 2Tt / Tl =1.75. Finally, the maximum observable density rl (Tl4) of energy must be maintained inferior regarding that critic rc (to the advanced limit, would have been transformed in a black hole); we certainly always refer to the values of the cancellation of CMBR to the time of the emission, as today observed. [Fig. III - 9] Similarly, since the density rL relative to the cosmological constant
rL =WLrc) cannot exceed the pressure of observable medium radiation r (Ts4) of the Big Bang (otherwise would go outside from the cone of its light!) from the inequalities rLrrlrc we obtain (Ts / Tl)4 = r / rlrL / rc = WL with the maximal limit Tl4WL Ts4.

III) Spin interactions. Since 1948, the Landau physicist described to the system between two photons according to a [3x3] matrix spaces composed of antisymmetric / symmetric parts (s) and (a) Aik(p)=sik+aik (i, k = 1...3) determining the values of J moment like in the following columns.

J Be equal (s) Be uneven (a or s)

0: .............. 1 1 (s)

1: .............. 0 0

2k 2: ...... 2 1 (a)

2k+1 3: .. 1 0

The system respects the classic condition of gauge pA=0, but it is not present the right Spin (1) that it can come directly described from the classic A(p) carrier; this regarding the reference system can assume values also J>1.[ 9 ] To the aim of the unification of the fields it is amazing that, from the system to 2 photons, the Spin (2) can be directly obtained of the gravitational tensor gik (symmetrical in indices i, k = 1...4) but not vice versa. Kaluza and Klein come to us in aid with their 5-dimensional gauge theory. By the invariant ds2 = gmndxmdxn (m, n = 1...5) the (A, A4) potential are represented from members gi5 (= 1...4), beyond to the "scalar" field g55 (of sign in agreement with that one of the gravity field). I remember that in the projective version (Weyl-Veblen) the co-ordinates are reduced to 4 (homogenous ones). [12] Finally, for one full equivalence with the previous photons system, would have to be considered a not symmetrical gmn (with real observable values) as it was proposed from Einstein in "the unified" relativity, where the antisymmetric part of gmn is equivalent to the Electromagnetic Field. This, mixed with the gravitational part, concurs to determine the density of field in cosmology in "geometric" way and not more "phenomenological". In any case, the single cosmological equation depends on symmetrical components (as Rik) for which it is necessary to always determine 10 "observable real ones", which the pressure of the matter, 3 speeds, and others 6 elements (symmetrical) of gik. But, to the aim not to banalize the participation of adding the simple matter to "a phenomenological one", is necessary to introduce the gauge transformations (something of similar came perceived from Einstein, with the introduction of the l- invariance that it fuses the asymmetric members with the others); and that concurs the same existence of particles of half-integer Spin (Spinors). [13] The above concurs to assert that necessary and sufficient condition for the Electro-serious unification is the connection of vector bosons with gravitons (Spin the G=2). That can appear banal, but it explains to us why it is not possible to quantize the pure field of gravity: just in the simpler case, with an arbitrary transformation of Lorentz of the "tangent space" the "local members" gik reduce themselves to simple parameters. Vice versa, introducing irreducibly the asymmetric members of Spin (in particular the torsion of Einstein-Cartan) [14, 15] space-time comes subjected to quantic indetermination [16] overcoming the old relativistic determinism.

OBSERVATION. Therefore it is also resolved the paradox of Einstein for which, accepting the quanta theory ingenuously (without integrating it with the gravitation) the perturbations they would carry to indetermination the motion of the Moon without a reasonable tie of cause and effect. Instead, if we associate the "function of wave" of the Moon to the interaction of the asymmetric fields (beyond that from the planetary system) we can ideally go back to the cause of one quantic perturbation (inexplicable from the point of view of the classic mechanics). Sure, the new models of unification, base to you on the Supersymmetry of the Spin, appear very more complicate than the previous ones.

IV) Cosmological hypothesis. As far as the nature and the value of the "constant" WL -and just in sight of the indispensable search of other data it experiences them- I propose what follows. Remembering that for the density relationships the Volume can be considered unitary, in (I) it is introduced the variable (T, ui) that is 2s+1=3 independent members, stating the "black body" characteristics. The 7 previewed lacking members of the 10 in (III) homogeneously represent the characteristic relationship of the density WL 7/10. Supposing in fact that the residual density of the Big Bang is constituted from the bosons (Spin s=1) associates to gravitons (Spin G=2) by the selection rule J=G1, they altogether compose the gmn generalised tensor on which the density of cosmological energy depends. For J-= G-1=1 the 3 members described in (I) obtain themselves; for J+= G+1=3, in decomposition with v c (m 0) ulterior 2J++1=7 members of Spin ()3, ()2, ()1, 0. These last ones constitute the Cartan matrices torsion, gravitation, vector and _ scale torsion (essential ingredients of the Lagrangian of Einstein-Cartan) [14, 15] correspondents to the Yang-Mills & Lorentz Chern-Simon 3-forms, graviton, gauge boson (gluons field) and dilaton of the theories of the 10-dimensional strings. [17] Such members are of attractive type, like g55 (III); in particular, the first two control the expansion and/or contraction of the universe, while the others (Electro-strong) are destined to produce the mass of the quark, as the Electro-weak supplies that one of leptons (I). To the aim to accept such hypotheses, it would be sufficient to confirm the existence of the elevated members of Spin more, the boson "3-sketch" or the fermions (Spin = 3/2, 5/2) associated to Supersymmetry, that they are introduced in the representation of Dirac-Fierz-Pauli. [18] It is observed that the number of the (3) spaces dimensions associated them to the photons is minimal that satisfies not banally to Huygens principle, [19] all the same the "observably" in a Relativistic space-time compel us to superior algebraic representations.

~ G. Imbalzano (TO) October 2002 MONCALIERI Italy ~


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Big Bang

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G. Imbalzano "Physics" [Cfr. 22]

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"The eyes of the "Holy-Shroud" [Cfr. 24]


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"The eyes of the Big Bang" [Cfr. 23]


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