Health has always been the main concern of man. People strive to attain good health by all means in order to escape suffering and defeat disease which inevitably affects them during their existence. Laying-on of hands is a practice that dates back to the mists of time. Jesus, the greatest healer in our history, used hands-on healing to cure people and transmit beneficial energy. The Chinese, Egyptians, Sumerians, Greeks and Romans made use of natural gifts to repair deficiencies or to relieve energy blocks. Laying-on of hands (Pranoterapia in Italian, from the Sanskrit word prana that means vital energy), has become widespread. It is neither invasive, nor toxic, nor counterproductive, and currently many people choose this kind of treatment in order to have a further concrete possibility of recovery.
Liliano Frattini, is a journalist (he was the Italian television news anchorman for many years) and a psychic who practises laying-on of hands, the vital expression that he first experienced during his adolescence.
He cures manifold kinds of pathologies through hands-on healing, including cardiopathy, rheumatoid arthritis, cephalalgia, migraine, muscular pain, colitis, circulatory disorders, ulcer, anxiety.