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With little, very little expense it's possible to make "camera obscura", the primordial experience of photography: the pinhole camera. This exiciting experiment can produce original and good quality pictures, wich are not obtainable with sophisticated today's cameras. This web page addresses fans of "real photography":

-people who do not let themselves "trap" by the tecnological race at all costs, and by automatic cameras, which limit author's creativity because they are themselves "creators";

- people who think cameras are just means and not aims.

To build a pinhole camera it's enough to do a small hole in a box and add a film loader inside. It can easily be used outside. I ricicled two boxes, one tea and one coffee box, and then I designed for each of them a 6x6 and 6x7 store.


6X7 "COFFEE" CAMERA - Medium format pinhole camera (6x7 cm) built with a metal coffee box (size 10.5x12.2x7.5). The camera provided with a 120 loader, has got a exposures counter on the cover, on the rigth of the loader handle. The hole is on a slim aluminium leaf placed behind a "bandierina" shutter, wich is manually started by a cable release. Under the stiffening wooden base is the tripod nut screw.

 Features: - focal length 48 mm/ f 200 / film size 120/ frame size 6x7.2 cm/ total frames 8.



6X6 "TEA" CAMERA - The tea box used is very small and it was not easy building a film store 6x6, because of its small inner size (8x7.2x7.2).

The camera has got an exposures counter and a loader handle. A "bandierina" shutter sets the exposure manually by a cable release.

Features: Focal length 38 mm. / f 180/ film size 120/ frame size 6x6 cm/ total frames 12.




A VERY IMPORTANT REFERENCE Jon Grepstad: Pinhole Photography-History, Images, Cameras, Formulas

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