Eusebio De Marco - written in the list of Doctor Commercialistes of Bari (Italy) at number 840.

Eusebio De Marco - Doctor Commercialiste

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The Doctor Commercialiste in Italy

You compare With Corporate body Public it is Institutions.
In the carrying out of his/her profession, the Doctor Commercialiste furnishes a substantial contribution to the economic management of the public corporate body, whose recipients can individualize in the followings:

The interventions concern a plurality of areas:

In the area you plan, the Professional appraises the feasibility of the projects, individualizing the operational tools through which to operate and planning the strategies of investment from to adopt. It is fundamental, besides, his/her work of careful control and coordination and integration of the activities in the phase of realization of the projects.

In the administrative area the Doctor Commercialiste develops traditional activity, handling the assistance in the estate of the financial, property and economic accounting and coordinating, organizing and checking the bookkeeping and administrative-financial procedures. The activity of analysis of the " productivity " through suitable indexes and indicators completes the picture of the competences of the professional.

In the area I check, activity is diversified in a multiplicity of functions:

In the area of revision the Doctor Commercialiste proceeds to the revision and certification of the budget and to the application of the integrated systems. In such circle, the professional carries out to two essential functions: that of auditor of the accounts in the territorial public corporate body (art. 57 law 142/90) and that traditional of bookkeeping auditor (mayor).

In the fiscal area the Doctor Commercialiste lends an accurate ordinary and extraordinary fiscal consultation, through a suitable activity of planning and control, furnishing, besides, his/her assistance near the financial offices and his/her intervention on the occasion of tributary contentious and administrative patronage.

In the area finance and mutual, the activity of the professional is finalized to the care of the relationships for the financings F.I.O. and C.E.E. and of the relationships with the national and international Financial Institutes, over that to I study him/it some alternative forms of financing.

Finally it reenters between Doctor Commercialiste's competences the activity of formation , updating and retraining of the personate of order, of the pictures and of the management.

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