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Bibliografia descrittiva

Supernove, congiunzioni planetarie e sismicità terrestre (sismologia quantistica)

Giovanni Imbalzano © 2012 Moncalieri Italy

Supernovas, planetary conjunctions and Earth seismicity (quantic seismology)

    Marea: " Sole interviene (solo) a modificare l'ampiezza della marea (acquea) componente di gran lunga più importante della m. atmosferica è costituita da una oscillazione solare semidiurna... La teoria delle m. atmosferiche deve spiegare il fatto che la m. lunare è da 20 a 30 volte minore della m. solare, anche se la forza gravitazionale di m. esercitata dalla Luna è più che doppia di quella esercitata dal Sole, e che essa è a sua volta maggiore di quanto ci si attenderebbe da un calcolo basato sulle sole forze gravitazionali" (L.U.I. Treccani, 1974 Roma).

     Premise: commonly we think that far-off asters, also the great planets as Jupiter or Saturn, they are able to influence gravity only a tenth of what the Moon can do, accountable for liquid tides and the earthly tides, as the earthquakes: the same action of the Sun penetrate below the surface earthly seems to be half of that lunar, and the tides contrast to the action of the Sun and of the Moon, reducing of a third the measurable value with a "pendulum of twist". However, if suddenly we miss the gravitational action of the Sun or of Jupiter, is evident that the effect on the Earth would be many more disruptive in comparison with the absentia of the Moon! Such we may certainly resolve such contradictions introducing the ratios of energy (potential) and not of force and acceleration: in such a case, quite the reverse of what over, the Jupiter or Saturn energetic actions are superior ten times in comparison with the Moon. It is well true that always does not have been possible that we have noticed seismic phenomenon in concomitance of strong planetary perturbations, but this only because the relative action is verified in a well determinate directions and in more tender geological places. In other words, we may consider the planetary perturbations as possible causes (necessaries but not sufficient) to sudden seismic effects, as the fuse of an explosive. More exactly, in a manner similar to the damping of a pendulum, such perturbations furnish the energy that is stored, while the possible movements of earthly clods force the oscillating system, increasing her power. G. Imbalzano


Seismic perturbation, Bode law and WIMP interactions (gravitational quantization)

Giovanni Imbalzano © 2013 Moncalieri Italy

Perturbazioni sismiche, legge di Bode e interazioni WIMP (quantizzazione gravitazionale)



11 440 BC: SN, and last but two geomagnetic inversion, with an intense seismic and volcanic activity. Epoch of the Nefilim (~10 500 BC, from Sumerians texts):

                            "They are on the Eatrh the Giants in those days " (Genesis 6.4)
6 295 BC: SN, and penultimate geomagnetic inversion with radioactive precipitation (U). Neolithic (4236 BC: observation of the Sirius star; wagons and circular constructions)
3 113 BC: geomagnetic inversion the latest. Gentlemen of the Sky in Babel (~3000 BC): "We get off so we confuse their tongue" (Genesis 11.7)
1 800 BC: variation of C14. God of Abraham: "He raised the eyes and he saw that three men's were with of he." (Genesis 18.2)
1 147 BC: SN..? Intense seism and radioactive precipitation (U)
600 BC: variation of C14
134 BC SN type I in Scorpio, of Ipparco and Chinese
5 BC SN Chinese, with alignment of planets (7-6 BC) and variation of C14: Magus’s to Bethlehem (birth of Christ)
Magus’s: "We have seen a star great, lamping among all other,

and become dark it insomuch that they it disappeared!" Proto-Evangel of James XXI, 2 (~ 150 AC) 7-4 BC... 1987 AC. 

    The Magus’s or "Three Kings" had departed by the Orient two years before (Matthew 2.16) in occasion of the planetary alignment of the 7/6 BC, interpreted by Chaldeans as prediction of too great an event that must be verified in Bethlehem; they observed only then (Mt 2.9) the "fixed star" of maximum shine, that same observed by Chinese’s.


33 AC: Moon / Sun conjunction, then opposition (total / partial eclipse), whirlwinds in Cappadocia, 2 Earthquakes to Jerusalem (death and reappearance of Christ)
79 AC: eruption of the Vesuvius (and alignment of planets)
185 Chinese SN in Centaur (7/12/185)
386-393 & 436 (Centaur, Sagittarius, Scorpio) Novae..?
600: weak variation of C14
716-827 SN (?) in Scorpio, Novae..? Earthquakes in Iran (856-893)
1006 SN type I in Wolf
15/5/1054 Armenia SN -type I (binary star) and/or 4/7/1054 -type II Chinese Z (single-hit star) in Bull, with variations of C14
1181-1203 Chinese SN in Cassiopeia - Scorpio?
1224-1240 SN in Scorpio: weak variation of C14, devastate in Anatolia (1268) and China (1290)
1408 Arabic SN in Swan: variation of C14; 1572 Brahe (II) in Cassiopeia: conjunction (Mar, Jup, Sat) and long Earthquakes (China 1556, Emily 1575)
1604 Kepler SN (I) in Ofiuco (**) with Mars and Jup in conjunction; 1670 SN (II) in Cassiopeia

1700 26 gen.: Alaska e California (~ 52N 178E) m9.0; 1737 16 Ott.: Kamchatka, Russia (~ 53N 161E) m9.3

1742 1 Sep.: triple conjunction (Mer, Jup, Sat) and partial occultation's: 1743 (Mer, Sat); 1746 (Mer, Ven); 1748 (Ven, Mar)
1750: strong Earthquakes (India, Portugal, Italia) with triple conjunction of the day 19/4/1755 (Ven, Mar, Ura)

1755 31 Oct.: very strong Earthquake in Portugal (70-100,000 victims) m9: Sun ~90° on Sat / Jup, Ven ~90° on Sat / Moo & Mer / Ven (<=click!)

          16 Dec.: Valdivia, Chile m8.5; 1761 5 Jun. & 1769 3 Jun.: transits of Ven*Sun

1833 25 Nov.: Sumatra, Indonesia m8.7: Jup*Moo/Ven ┴ Mar*Sun/Sat (<=click!); 1885 20 Aug.: Extra SN; 1904 SN (?) in Sagittarius

1906 22 Feb.: triplet (Mer, Ven, Sat) and Earthquake of Valparaiso (16 Aug. m8.3) with max magnitude registered for now (Richter scale)
1908 Jupiter / Saturn opposition (click) on the axis Sun / Plu e Ven / Nep  (click): strong Earthquake of Calabria's Reggio and Messina (28/12 m8) with
80,000 victims

1920 16 Dec.: China (Haiyuan  ~ 29N 111E) m8.6; 1926'50: other Earthquakes inferior to the precedent;

1942: SNIC 4182”; 1952 11 Apr. h03.38r: Kamchatka (53N 160E) m9.0: Jup / Sat 90°on Jup / Sun / Mer / Ven and Sat / Nep / Moo (<=click!)

1960 22 May h14.19r: Chile (38.24S 73.05W) m9.5: Mer / Sun (& Ven)  ~90° on Jup / Moo (& Ven) and Sat / Mar (& Moo) apparently external

1962 5 Feb: an alignment (conjunction) of Sun and Moon with five planets (Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn).

1964 27 Mar. h18.27r: Alaska (Prince William Sound 61N 147.5W) m9.2: Moo / Sun 90°on Mar / Jup and Sat / Ven

1967 6/9: triplet (Mer, Juno, Ura); 1968, May: Earthquake of Belice (Sicily) in proximity of various planetary triplets
1968 21-31/8: triplets (Mer, Ven, Jup) / (Mer, Ven, Ura) followed from (Mar, Jup, Ura) 31 Nov.

1974/10/26, quartet (Mer, Ven, Mars, Ura): strong seism in mid-Orient (1972'74), in center-America (1972'76), China and Philippine isles (1976)

1976 7/9: triplet (Mer, Ven, Mar), strong Earthquake in Philippines, China and Friuli (Italy 1976)

23/2/1987: 1987A extra SN, strong Earthquakes (Peru, China, Iran)

2000, 5 May: alignment (conjunction) of Sun, Moo with five planets (Ven, Mer, Mars, Jup, Sat);

           9 May complete conjunction, planets at equilibrium!

2000 17 May h10:31, Ven*Jup in partial occultation (41.87"); 2000/2002: seism in Piedmont, Italy

2003 Dec.: Mar / Jup & Jup / Ear ~90° on Sun / Ear & Sat / Sun (<=click!), seisms in Iran (Bam 29N 58E) with 31 thousand deads

2006 15 Nov.: I. Kuril Islands m8.3: 10 Dec. triplet (Mer, Mar, Jup); 2007 12 Dec.: Jakarta, Indonesia m8.5

2007 1 Apr.: Salomon Islands m8.1: 23 Dec. alignment / conjunction (Sun, Mer, Ear, Mar, Jup, Plu) toward the galactic center

2007 -2012: intense seism and planetary alignment in the arc of a year (***)

2010 27 Feb. h01.43r,  Chile (Offshore Maule 35S 72.5W) m8.8: Sat & Moo (& Sun) 90° on Sat & Moo / Jup (& Nep & Ven) & Sun, apparently external

2011 11 mar. h15:15r, Japan East (Honshu 38.32N 142.37E) 26 000 victims m9.0; 8 June: new type of Super-Nova outshines the rest.


Media of the SN appearance: every 100 years

*) ? =Not documented, extra Extra =Extra-galactic.
**) Sagittarius, Ofiuco, Scorpio, Wolf, Centaur, Cygnus and Cassiopeia: constellations especially of population I (binary young stars predestined to SN).

***)     Date           (T-T        Declination)               Planets

            2012/02/10 02:08:49 0.30352° conjunction Venus * Uranus

            2012/02/13        opposition / Earth              Mars       /   Neptune

            2012/03/13                "                                Venus     /         "      

            2012/03/27                "                                Mars      /   Uranus    

            2012/04/29                "                                Mars      /   Venus     

            2012/05/02                "                                Mercury /   Saturn     

2012/05/19                "                                Venus    /   Jupiter     

            2012/05/22 05:32:11 0.38379° conjunction Mercury * Jupiter... then * Venus (click!): continue telluric movements in Emily, & 2012/05/28 on Pollino Mount m4.3

            2012/06/01 20:18:52 0.19221° conjunction Mercury * Venus      

            2012/06/10        opposition / Earth               Mars      /   Jupiter    

            2012/09/03                "                                 Venus    /   Uranus   

            2012/11/27 01:11:50 0.52551° conjunction  Venus   *   Saturn    

            2013/02/04 21:03:32 0.40627°          "         Mars     *   Neptune        

            2013/03/22 18:18:04 39.10"             "         Mars    *   Uranus in partial occultation

            2013/03/23        opposition / Earth                Mercury /   Uranus

            2013/03/24                "                                       "       /    Mars, into two conjunctions (08/02-08/05/2013)

            2013/06/27                "                                       "       /    Jupiter

            2013/09/21                "                                       "       /    Venus.

Triangoli sismici notevoli: Toscana D Marche D Veneto (MS-AN-PN) m4,4; Umbria \ Eolie \ Calabria (PG-ME-CS) m3,5; Lucania Ñ Sicilia Ñ Lazio (PZ-PA-RM) m3,2.

MAX al 13'07'13: Apuane m5,1; Adriatic m4,9 // ME & CS m4,2; Emily m3,9; Prealpi m3,8; PG m3,7; VV m3,6; PZ m3,4; PA3,3 // RM m2,9; MC m2,8.

(Click→)  <Dettaglio delle zone di rischio mondiali> (m5.7...8)

Lat: Sandwich S I.]-45°[N. Zealand S I.- Chile Vallenar- Tonga Fiji Vaini- Peru Acari- Vanuatu Sola-S. Cruz I.- Papua N G. Panguna- Indonesia Muara Siberut]±0°[Colombia- & Mutis-

Philippines Catigbian- Guatemala C.T.U.- Mariana I. Guam-Iran Khash-China Linqiong- Cal. Greenville]+45°[Russia Ozernovskiy- Alaska ESE Adak- Okhotsk Sea-Russia Druzhina

Significance: Picks & Long. Lat. Richter.RTF


World Time Zones by Alfred Simpson

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{Hermes=} Mercury.

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Earth-0.28° Earth23.1° Earth23.4° Earth-23.5° Earth0.53° Earth13.2° Earth-2.4° Earth-22.6° Earth23.5° Earth-2.4° Earth0.13° Earth8.52° Earth9.17° Ea'28-4.4°

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 ↓G↑Planets ╚►Ven/Sat,Mar/Mer,Jup/Moo(45°)Sun/Plu                                           ╚►Mer*Nep/Sat(30°),Jup/Sat(45°)Sun/Ear            

                                                                                                                                                                                            ╚►Jup/Ven(45°)Moo/Sat&Mar/Ura┴Sun/Ear ╚►Sat*Ven/Mar(30°),Jup/Plu┴Sun/Moo

       (1) 11'10'15 Jup&Mar/Nep┴Sun/Sat≈6.1M    (2) 27'09'17 Mar/Mer&Jup/Sat≈┴Sun/Nep=6.5M    (3) 25'09'28 Jup*Mer/Nep(60°)Mar/Plu=5.1M    (a) 03'08'50 Mar/Nep(45°)Jup/Ura≈4.3M

{Venus dominant also for the year 2014}

                        Critical hours        ~ ~ ~             Latitudes follow the Earth inclination in comparison with the Sun




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.!. = GI © IT = .!.


Le ore planetarie dominanti sono sottolineate e rispettano le previsioni (comprese le variazioni in latitudine)



06'08'2013 ☻ ...da Luna Nuova SUNTO a Luna Piena... 21'08'2013

06'08' h03:28r, Adriatico Centro N (MC 43.56N 13.84E) m2.8; h11:17r, Emily, Frignano (MO 44.42N 10.69E) m2.6; h13:45r, Mexico NW (Xochistlahuaca 16.84N 98.30W) m5.1;

           h14:34r, Gubbio, Nocera (PG 43.13N 12.73E) m3.0; h21:17r, China E (Maindong 31.45N 86.43E) m5.2; h22:17r, Fiji SW (Ceva-i-Ra 22.56S 173.68E) m5.7

07'08' h03:55r, Vanuatu S (Lakatoro 16.92S 167.30E) m5.9; h10:38r, Greece SW (Kainouryion 38.75N 22.67E) m5.1

08'08' h01:45r, Lunigiana, Casola (MS 44.19N 10.18E) m2.8; h10:30r, Philippines ESE (Bobon 6.72N 126.68E) m5.1;

           h17:15r, Calabria W Amantea (CS 39.05N 16.03E) m2.9; h18:10r, Indonesia SW (Sukorejo 8.83S 110.91E) m5.3; h18:52r, Macerata (AN 43.43N 13.10E) m2.8

09'08' h09:51r, Alaska S (Amatignak I. 49.96N 179.02W) m5.0; h10:10r, M. Cornicolani-Aniene, Castel Madama (RM 41.98N 12.79E) m2.7;

           h11:30r, Austria (BZ 47.24N 11.47E) m3.4; h12:34r, Japan (Miyako 39.81N 143.54E) m5.0; h13:20r, Greece N (Elatia 38.70N 22.76E) m5.0

10'08' h05:05r, Papua N. Guinea N (Lae 5.56S 147.21E) m5.0; h08:20r, Japan SE (Iwaki 36.91N 141.09E) m5.0; h13:52r, Alpi Apuane, Casola (MS 44.20N 10.24E) m2.7;

           h15:34r, Emily, Frignano (PR 44.56N 10.33E) m2.9; h16:00r, Indonesia NW (Saumlaki 6.79S 130.06E) m5.0; h20:48r, Iran WSW (Firuzabad 28.41N 51.74E) m5.0;

           h22:40r, N. Zealand WNW (Raoul I. 29.11S 178.44W) m5.0

11'08' h00:01r, Tirreno S B (ME 38.70N 14.28E) m3.8; h03:41r, Metauro, Mercatello (PU 43.58N 12.31E) m2.5; h16:19r, N. Zealand NW (L'Esperance Rock 30.62S 179.61W) m6.0;

           h23:31r, Costa Rica W (Sardinal 10.49N 86.89W) m5.1
12'08' h03:56r, China W (Wangda 30.08N 97.93E) m5.7; h04:22r, Peru WSW (Paita 5.41S 81.91W) m6.2; h09:33r, Indonesia WNW (Saumlaki 7.12S 129.81E) m6.0:

Sun/Nep Ven/Mar (&Jup/Sat) (←click!)

13'08' h09:44r, Japan WSW (Kitami 43.75N 143.53E) m5.1;  h10:18r, Mexico NNW (Xochistlahuaca 16.90N 98.28W) m5.3; h10:30r, Colombia WSW (Mutis 5.87N 78.24W) m6.6;

           h14:35r, Emily/Frignano (PR 44.56N 10.31E) m2.6; h20:24r, Tonga SSE (Hihifo 16.46S 173.63W) m5.0

14'08' h23:00r, Alpi Apuane, Casola (MS 44.17N 10.20E) m3.6

Come già visto (grafici in alto) dopo la Luna Nuova i sismi intorno alla Toscana (Apuane/Lunigiana) erano in relativo assestamento

21'08'2013 ...but attention for the next Full or New Moon... 04'09'2013

         New 'Nova' Star Explosion Spotted in Night Sky: scoperta da Koichi Itagaki (Yamagata, Japan) l'esplosione di una stella Nova (Delphinus 2013) che potrà vedersi bene la notte 16'08' dalle Isole Canarie, oltre la costa occidentale dell'Africa, collegandosi in webcast.

15'08' h05:40r, Chile W (La Ligua 32.52S 71.67W) m5.0; h07:13r, Alaska S (L. Sitkin I. 51.21N 178.49E) m5.0; h07:25r, Metauro, Pietralunga (PG 43.43N 12.46E) m2.4;

           h12:19r, Indonesia S (Bilungala 0.07N 123.22E) m5.2

16'08' h00:07r, Patti-Milazzo Gulf (ME 38.17N 14.92E) m4.2; h01:33r, Papua N. Guinea SSW (Kokopo 5.50S 151.70E) m5.1; h03:00r, Indonesia ENE (Tagolu 1.27S 121.33E) m5.0;

           h04:58r, Pollino/Irpinia, Vietri (PZ 40.62N 15.54E) m2.6; h09:00r, Mexico NE (Ometepec 16.77N 98.35W) m5.4; h09:19r, Tirreno S B (ME 38.88N 14.97E ) m3.2;

           h10:15r, Adriatico Centro N (CB 42.19N 15.13E) m2.4; h12:29r, Tonga ENE (`Ohonua 20.89S 173.85W) m5.0; h14:07r, N. Zealand (South I. 41.72S 173.98E) m6.5;

           h17:32r, Chile W (Vallenar 28.61S 71.17W) m5.4; h19:41r, Indonesia NW (Labuhankananga 7.65S 117.18E) m5.0; h21:59r, Alpi Apuane, Casola (MS 44.19N 10.22E) m2.4
17'08' h05:48r, Sicily Coast (ME 38.14N 14.91E) m2.4; h10:41r, Indonesia WSW (Banda Aceh 5.28N 94.37E) m5.2; h17:09r, Indonesia WNW (Abepura 1.98S 139.05E) m5.3;

           h16:55r, Prealpi venete (TN 45.8N 11.10E) m2.4; h17:20r, Alaska S (Little Sitkin I. 51.07N 178.47E) m5.0; h20:35r, N. Zealand SSE (Blenheim 41.78S 174.08E) m5.1

18'08' h05:42r, Indonesia NNE (Tobelo 2.82N 128.47E) m5.2

19'08' h06:45r, Madonie (PA 37.70N 14.26E) m3.3 d37.1; h06:53r, Philippines WNW (Dahay 6.40N 124.71E) m5.3; h10:42r, Val Nerina (PG 42.77N 12.85E) m2.3;

           h15:06r, Chile NNE (Calama 21.49S 68.49W) m5.5; h23:57r, Lunigiana, Casola (MS 44.20N 10.13E) m3.0

20'08' h09:12r, M. Cornicolani-Aniene, Tivoli (RM 41.97N 12.76E) m2.9; h21:20r, Calabria W Coast (VV 38.73N 15.61E) m2.2:

           come ho previsto, verso la Luna Nuova si ripetono i sismi nelle zolle del Centro-Sud, più vicine all'eclittica.

21'08'2013 ...da Luna Piena PROSECUZIONE a Luna Nuova... 04'09'2013

Conferme dell'intervento della Luna ☺ e della sua azione a basse profondità © Giovanni Imbalzano, Moncalieri TO:

21'08' h01:52r, Alpi Apuane, Casola (MS 44.20N 10.22E) m3.1; h02:19r, M. Cornicolani-Aniene (RM 41.95N 12.80E) m2.6; h04:48r, Sicily N Coast (ME 38.01N 14.77E) m2.1;

           h06:01r, Mexico NW (S. Marcos 16.92N 99.38W) m6.2; h06:14r, Emily/Frignano (MO 44.23N 10.56E) m2.4; h07:36r, Papua N. Guinea W (Panguna 6.35S 154.42E) m5.3;

           h16:10r, N. Caledonia (I. Hunter 22.28S 171.68E) m5.6; h18:36r, Kuril I. (47.86N 152.79E) m5.1

22'08' h05:41r, Torino (Moncalieri 44.60N 7.42E) aurora in Luna Piena, con Sole a EST (l'influenza sismica tenderà a diminuire);

           h06:33r, Alpi Apuane, Casola (MS 44.20N 10.24E) m2.3; h07:40r, Adriatico Centro N (AN 43.58N 13.80E) m4.4; h23:18r, S Sandwich I. NNE (Bristol I. 57.96S 25.59W) m5.0

23'08' h00:23r, N. Zealand S (L'Esperance Rock 31.85S 178.85W) m5.0; h04:00r, Chile ENE (Calama 22.28S 68.57W) m5.8; h05:30r, Indonesia W (Kuripan 4.89S 102.99E) m5.2;

           h20:34r, Valle Stura (CN 44.51N 7.56E) m2.3; h21:00r, Tonga S (`Ohonua 22.74S 175.16W) m5.7

24'08' h03:05r, Adriatico Centro N (AN 43.59N 13.79E) m2.7; h03:50r, N. Zealand SW (L'Esperance Rock 31.76S 179.21W) m5.1;

           h04:20r, Alpi Apuane, Casola (MS 44.19N 10.22E) m2.6; h14:49r, Prealpi venete, Claut (PN 46.22N 12.50E) m3.6; h18:18r, Noto-Capo Passero Gulf (SR 36.71N 15.00E) m4.0:

           per ora, nulla di eccezionale su scala mondiale, ma la Luna esalta l'azione (già del 12'08) Ven/Mar(&Jup/Sat) Sun/Nep &Moo*Ura/Mar (←click!)

25'08' h04:33, Colli Albani, Frascati (RM 41.85N 12.72E) m2.3; h10:23r, Indonesia SSW (Sinabang 1.18N 95.85E) m5.1; h10:38r, Patti-Milazzo Gulf (ME 38.36N, 15.40E) m2.5;

           h13:12r, M. Sibillini (MC 42.99N 13.08E) m2.3; h19:55r, Indian Ridge SW (33.50S 57.05E) m5.4

26'08' h00:36r, Calabria W Coast (CS 39.43N 15.32E) m2.6; 02:32r, Emily, Montefeltro (FC 44.02N 12.20E) m3.2; h04:41r, Sicily Sea (RG 36.41N 14.08E) m3.7;

Si ripresenta l'Emilia, mancante all'appello di Ven/Mar(&Jup/Sat) Sun/Nep &Moo*Ura/Mar (←click!) &: Sun Unleashes Another Solar Storm Aimed at Earth

           h10:27r, Adriatico Centro N (AN 43.56N 13.78E)  m2.8; h15:21r, Russia SSW (Severo-Kuril'sk 49.58N 155.53E) m5.1;

           h16:20r, M. Conero, Loreto (AN 43.52N 13.66E) m2.6; h23:00r, Gubbio (PG 43.37N 12.54E) m3.7

27'08' h11:40r, Alaska WSW (Cantwell 63.21N 150.62W) m5.1; h11:42r, Gubbio (43.37N 12.54E) m3.1;  h16:34r, Adriatico Centro N (AN 43.58N 13.81E) m2.3;

           h22:56r, Lunigiana, Casola (MS 44.20N 10.14E) m2.5
28'08' h00:22r, Russia SE (Kuril'sk 44.50N 149.05E) m5.3; h03:22r, China WNW (Benzilan 28.25N 99.33E) m5.0; h10:04r, Tirreno B S (ME 38.85N 14.31E) m3.0;

           h12:26r, Indonesia W (Sungaipenuh 2.07S 100.74E) m5.5; h14:54r, N. Zealand NW (Raoul I. 27.80S 179.67E) m6.1:

           con Ven/Ura Ear/Mar & Mer/Nep Jup/Sat (←click!)  la polarizzazione di particelle WIMP solari fra questi pianeti può esaltare l'energia sismica; l'intervento di Urano (inclinato sull'Equatore di 98°) può spiegare la maggior persistenza delle latitudini sismiche più alte.

29'08' h01:55r, Fiji NNW (Ndoi I. 19.31S 179.15W) m5.5 & N. N.! Poor alignment, only Mer/Nep Jup/Sat (←click!), in arrangement (assestamento)

           h03:36r, Alpi Apuane, Casola (44.20N 10.24E) m2.3

30'08' h04:44r, Alaska ESE (Adak 51.61N 175.36W) m7.0; h06:06r, Chile SE (Machali 34.51S 70.38W) m5.3; h10:41r, Montefeltro, Bagno Romagna (FC 43.80N 11.98E) m3.0;

           h11:18r, China NNE (Ergong 43.88N 87.59E) m5.1; h12:17r, Papua N. Guinea WSW (Rabaul 4.42S 151.57E) m5.8: il Sole devia le WIMP da Jup/Sat Mer/Nep (←≈c.s.);

           h22:47r, Vanuatu SSW (Port-Vila 18.38S 168.09E) m5.0

31'08' h01:06r, Gubbio (PG 43.34N 12.56E) m2.3; h04:59r, Adriatico Centro N (AP 43.35N 14.13E) m3.3; h06:41r, China S (Benzilan 28.23N 99.37E) m5.8;

           h07:21r, Alaska SW (Atka 51.50N 175.13W) m5.2: rinforzi di Ven/Mar(45°)&Jup*Moo/Sat(60°)Sun/Ear (←click!)
01'09' h00:37r, Gargano, Vico (FG 41.81N 15.99E) m2.3; h08:06r, N. Zealand E (Raoul I. 29.25S 176.33W) m5.6; h12:40r, Sicily Coast N Patti (ME 38.13N 14.92E) m2.8;

           h15:42r, Lunigiana, Casola (MS 44.17N 10.15E) m2.9; h15:51r, Gubbio (PG 43.36N 12.55E) m2.7; h16:45r, Adriatico Centro N (AN 43.60N 13.81E) m2.8;

           h20:26r, Indonesia (Kepulauan Barat Daya 7.54S 128.28E) m6.5,

           extraordinary planetary alignment: Sun,Mar,Jup/Mer,Ven,Sat Sat/Plu,Mer/Nep,Sun/Ear,Mar/Ura (←click!)... no comment. \.°↓°./

02'09' h02:16r, Calabria Coast W (CS 39.51N 15.41E) m4.2; h11:46r, Russia SE (Vrangel' 42.24N 133.64E) m5.6; h14:50r, Papua N. Guinea WSW (Panguna 6.57S 155.06E) m6.1;

           h17:31r, I. Lipari (ME 38.5N 15.34E) m2.3

03'09' h04:27r, Indian Ridge SW (33.81S 56.19E) m5.3: assestamento del 25'08'; in attesa d'altro, un richiamo di teoria: le particelle WIMP, in movimento tra due pianeti opposti,

ricadono con più energia sulla Terra, sulla proiezione del campo di gravità, concentrato proprio dal Sole (aumenta il flusso locale di campo e particelle) G.Imbalzano © 2013.

                 Nota Bene: dopo anni di ricerche, le WIMP sono state scoperte (DAMA/LIBRA '2008, CoGent Feb.'2010, CRESST '2011) con la massa prevista dal sottoscritto (Rif. 1, 2) proprio durante allineamenti planetari e terremoti di rarità secolare, come descritto qui (1ª FASE) 2007 -2012: intensa sismicità e allineamento planetario nell’arco di un anno;

                2010 27 feb. h01.43r,  Cile (al largo di Maule sul mare 36S, 72.5W) m8.8: Sat & Moo (& Sun) 90° su Sat & Moo / Jup (& Nep & Ven) & Sun, apparentemente esterni;

                2011 11 mar. h15:15r, Est del Giappone (Honshu 38.32N 142.37E) 26000 vittime m9.0; 8 giugno: nuovo tipo di Super-Nova offusca il resto del cielo.

03'09' h11:37r, Canada WSW (Bella 51.20N 130.41W) m6.0; h14:54r, Alaska SSW (Atka 51.59N 174.76W) m6.5; h19:30r, Colline Metallifere (PI 43.16N 10.83E) m2.3

04'09' h07:48r, Emily, Finale (MO 44.87N 11.29E) m3.3; h09:33r, Japan (Izu I. 30.01N 138.79E) m6.5; h10:22r, M. Nebrodi, Galati (ME 38.00N 14.84E) m2.3;

           h22:30r, Alaska SSW (Atka 51.39N 174.68W) m5.1: il Novilunio rinforza l'azione solare sulle WIMP interplanetarie .

05'09' h06:45r, Costa Rica W (Sardinal 10.59N 86.11W) m6.0; h12:16r, Balkan NW (46.07N 14.93E) m3.5

06'09' h01:03r, Papua N. Guinea S (Ialibu 7.23S 144.04E) m5.6; h02:00r, Calabria W (VV 38.76N 15.58E) m2.4; h02:30, Emily, Finale (MO 44.87N 11.29E) m3.4;

           h04:42r, Prince Edward I. (47.06S 33.54E) m5.3; h10:56r, M. Martani, Todi (42.77N 12.51E) m2.6; 15:53r, Prealpi venete, Ampezzo (UD 46.36N 12.86E) m2.9;

           h18:05r, Guatemala ESE (C. Tecun Uman 14.64N 92.10W) m6.6; h19:43r, Philippines ESE (Uyugan 20.19N 122.31E) m6.0

07'09' h05:06r, Tonga NNE (Hihifo 15.21S 173.55W) m5.0; h13:02r, Adriatico S (BA 41.32N 16.66E) m2.3;  h14:39r, Chile ENE (Iquique 19.55S 68.86W) m5.0;

           h16:14r, Alpi Giulie (UD 46.31N 13.54E) m3.3; h22:24r, Madonie, Petralia (PA 37.78N 14.11E) m2.3; h22:37r, Indonesia NNW (Saumlaki 6.44S 130.31E) m5.5;

           h23:39r, Adriatico Centro N (MC 43.53N 13.81E) m2.4: primi sintomi degli allineamenti planetari già previsti per il 21'09'2013; notevoli anche le concordanze

                                                                                                    orarie (entro 01:30h) che implicano cause interplanetarie. Inoltre, le latitudini dei sismi importanti (m>5)

                                                                                                    rientrano nei limiti dell'attuale inclinazione terrestre sul piano dell'eclittica solare (attualmente ≈6±22°,

                                                                                                    come dal grafico in alto, a fianco della significatività tendente al 90%, fisicamente ottimale).

08'09' h05:20r, Emily, Frignano (PR 44.53N 10.23E) m3.3;  h06:33r, Patti-Milazzo Gulf (ME 38.29N 14.88E) m2.6; h06:35r, Metauro, Pietralunga (PG 43.46N 12.44E) m2.7;

           h06:39r, Greece S (Pirgos 34.72N 25.10E) m5.0; h08:33r, I. Lipari (RC 38.47N 15.52E) m2.5; h17:52r, Philippines WSW (Tandag 9.07N 126.18E) m5.0;

           h22:11r, Afghanistan (Farkhar 36.54N 70.13E) m5.2; h23:19r, Tirreno S B (PA 38.68N 14.20E) m3.0

09'09' h04:32r, I. Lipari (ME 38.56N 14.70E) m2.5; h09:53r, Burma NNE (Shwebo 22.98N 95.96E) m5.0: entrambi gli eventi alle h3.29UTC,

                                                                        media h07:10, Teheran NE (30.77N 55.33E), prossima all'eclittica;

           h15:37r, Calabria W (CS 39.19N 15.52E) m2.6; h18:58r, Greece (38.03N 20.78E) m4.5; h21:28r, Mid-Atlantic Ridge N (15.44N 46.72W) m5.1:

10'09' h03:30r, Solomon I. W (Lata 10.66S 164.76E) m5.2; h05:11r, Indonesia ENE (Bunobogu 1.43N 122.22E) m5.7; h11:00r, Emily/Appennino (BO 44.39N 11.16E) m2.3;

           h23:03r, Calabria Coast W (VV 38.76N 15.61E) m3.6

11'09' h05:45r, Pacific Rise Central E (4.65S 104.82W) m5.7; h10:18r, Alpi Giulie (UD 46.32N 13.56E) m2.7; h17:27r, Emily/Appennino (MO 44.36N 11.00E) m2.3;

           h20:12r, Gargano, Vico (FG 41.83N 15.93E) m2.4
12'09' h03:53r, Noto-Capo Passero, Pachino (SR 36.66N 15.03E) m2.3; h04:00r, Alaska S (Amukta I. 51.70N 171.30W) m5.1; h05:14r, Mediterraneo (Greece 33.99N 24.87E) m3.7;

           h07:02r, Salvador SW (Acajutla 13.24N 90.24W) m5.1; h11:11r, M. Ionio (KR 38.61N 18.05E) m3.5; h17:37r, Indonesia (Kepulauan Barat Daya 7.44S 128.32E) m5.2;

           h17:51r, Prealpi venete (PN 46.22N 12.55E) m2.4

13'09' h02:51r, Alpi Apuane, Giuncugnano (LU 44.19N 10.24E) m3.0; h06:44r, I. Lipari (ME 38.48N 15.25E) m2.6; h12:48r, Alaska SSW (Atka 51.52N 174.69W) m5.5

           h19:24r, M. Reatini (RI 42.58N 13.16E) m2.7; h19:41r, Bouvet I. NW (53.78S 2.48E) m5.0; h21:00r, Fiji I. S (24.75S 178.70E) m5.0; preamboli del 19'09', e mirabile esempio di fenomeni sismici indotti dal sistema solare: nell'ordine della rotazione terrestre, Fiji,  Rieti e Bouvet (h03:57, h18:31, h19:31UTC) sono colpiti in posizione solare analoga, intorno alle

           h20:02r locali (σ=±00:51) con media delle latitudini (≈5°) compatibile con l'attuale inclinazione terrestre (≈3°).

14'09' h04:04r, Alaska SSW (Atka 51.55N 174.72W) m5.8; h17:19r, Val Nerina, Cascia (PG 42.80N 12.99E) m2.3

15'09' h00:43r, Mar Ionio (SR 37.42N 15.75E) 2.5; h04:43r, Alaska SSW (Atka 51.55N 174.68W) m6.1h06:08r, Adriatico Centro N (AN 43.57N 13.80E) m2.4;

           h06:54r, Papua N. Guinea W (Panguna 6.36S 154.76E) m5.7; h11:35r, Russia SE (Nikol'skoye 54.36N 167.65E) m5.4

16'09' h11:24r, Adriatico S (BA 41.64N 16.94E) m2.3; h13:58r, Alpi Cozie (CN 44.52N 6.69E) m2.2; h16:32r, Greece NNW (Elatia 38.71N 22.73E) m5.3;

           h22:19r, Adriatico Centro N (Tremiti 42.03N 15.34E) m3.1
17'09' h02:04r, Colfiorito-Nocera Umbra (MC 43.09N 12.90E) m3.0; h07:12r, Georgia N (Qvareli 42.11N 45.83E) m5.4; h12:28r, Gubbio (PG 43.370N 12.56E) m2.4;

           h15:19r, M. Reatini, Capitignano (AQ 42.51N 13.23E) m2.3; h21:46r, Vanuatu NNW (Port-Olry 14.64S 166.81E) m5.1:

           si noti la concordanza delle ore solari (entro h01:30) sia pure per grandi distanze spazio-temporali!

           h20:43r, la Luna sbrana le nuvole sul mare di Noli (SV 44.12N 08.25E) Samsung photo.

18'09' h00:00r, Lucania, Filiano (PZ 40.80N 15.80E) m3.3; h00:37r, Indonesia (Kepulauan Barat Daya 7.46S 128.58E) m5.0; h09:57r, Japan Coast E (Honshu 38.73N 142.32E) m5.1;

           h11:41r, Eritrea (15.77N 39.37E) m5.0; h23:29r, Montefeltro, Verghereto (FC 43.82N 12.08E) m2.2 ☺..:

19'09' h02:32r, Mariana I. N (Agrihan 19.20N 145.63E) m5.5; h06:31r, Papua N. Guinea ENE (3.23S 144.23E) m5.4; h13:42r, Mediterranean Sea W (Nizza 42.82N 6.45E) m2.3;

           h16:16r, Tirreno B S (TR 38.38N 11.70E) m3.6; h18:59r, Montefeltro, Bagno Romagna (FC 43.88N 12.06E) m2.2
20'09' h00:31r, Adriatico Centro N (RA 44.59N 12.77E) m3.3; h02:48r, Japan ESE (Ishikawa 37.07N 140.65E) m5.3; h04:23r, China ESE (Hongtu 37.75N 101.53E) m5.0;

           h15:35r, Japan S (Nishinoomote 30.04N 131.13E) m5.0; h18:49r, Burma NNE (Shwebo 22.94N 95.96E) m5.5; h23:37r, Indonesia WNW (Tobelo 2.18N 127.06E) m5.4: il significativo aumento dei sismi m5.* nelle zone previste più a rischio (indo-asiatiche), vicine all'eclittica planetaria e compatibili con l'inclinazione terrestre, conferma la teoria G.I.

21'09' h00:32r, Africa SW (52.26S 14.44E) m5.1; h04:57r, N. Zealand SSE (Esperance Rock 33.51S 178.09W) m5.6; h05:13r, Mexico WSW (Naica 27.79N 105.77W) m5.3;

           h05:34r, N. Mariana I. NW (Agrihan 19.00N 145.38E) m5.0; h07:41r, Adriatico C. N (AN 43.56N 13.76E) m2.3; h08:14r, Alaska SW (Amatignak I. 49.94N 179.32E) m5.0;

           h09:39r, Indonesia NNW (Nggilat 7.26S 119.96E) m6.1; h09:50r, Emily, Finale (MO 44.89N 11.24E) m2.3; h14:21r, Lucania (PZ 40.79N 15.81E) m2.9;

           h16:23r, Mar Ionio (RC 37.79N 16.36E) m2.4: si ripete la notevole concordanza delle ore solari (entro h01:30) sia pure per grandi distanze spazio-temporali.

22'09' h10:33r, Alaska SSW (Shemya I. 52.34N 173.77E) m5.2

23'09' h03:18r, Alpi Apuane, Casola (MS 44.19N 10.23E) m2.5; h05:06r, Guam SW (Merizo V. 12.31N 143.67E) m5.0; h22:57r, Indonesia SSW (Kute 9.82S 115.96E) m5.2

24'09' h03:42r, Papua N. Guinea SE (Taron 5.02S 153.60E) m5.4; h11:21r, Carlsberg Ridge (7.46N 59.57E) m5.6; h11:57r, South of Tonga S (24.45S 175.18W) m5.5

           h15:52, Pakistan NNE (Awaran 27.00N 65.51E) m7.7: ≈200 vittime; come sopra, almeno dal 20'09' le più alte intensità si riferiscono a latitudini vicine all'Equatore;

           h23:16r, Pacific Rise SE (50.01S 113.77W) m5.4

25'09' h01:11r, Russia SW (Druzhina 67.56N 142.83E) m5.0: coordinate compatibili con il il punto centrale d'interferenza planetaria (X) nel grafico seguente;

           h01:16r, Calabria Coast W (VV 38.69N 15.66E) m2.3; h08:43r, Chile NNE (S. Pedro Atacama 22.58S 68.07W) m5.2; h11:45r, Peru Coast (Acari 15.85S 74.56W) m7.0;
           h17:45r, Calabria Coast W (CS 39.29N 15.21E) m2.8; h22:57r, Reykjanes Ridge (57.57N 33.07W) m5.4

26'09' h00:33, Mexico WSW (P. Madero 14.42N 93.36W) m5.7; h01:23r, Alaska W (Attu Station 52.96N 171.32E) m5.4; h12:48r, Mar Ionio (KR 39.12N 17.53E) m3.0;

           h13:42r, S. Eufemia (CZ 38.83N 16.53E) m2.4

27'09' h00:54r, Adriatico Centro N (AN 43.55N 13.80E) m2.9; h15:59, Philippines WNW (Cabra 14.39N 119.09E) m5.2; h23:39r, Tonga SSW (Hihifo 16.52S 173.87W) m5.7

28'09' h01:53r, Emily, Finale (MO 44.90N 11.25E) m2.3; h08:36r, Solomon I. SE (Honiara 10.16S 160.71E) m5.0; h11:56r, Pakistan NNE (Awaran 27.26N 65.59E) m6.8

29'09' h04:28r, M. Reatini (RI 42.65N 13.25E) m2.3; h04:31r, Switzerland (AO 46.04N 6.69E) m2.3; h09:01, Calabria Coast (RC 38.01N 16.20E) m2.4;

           h13:29r, Pollino (CS 39.89N 16.02E) m2.3; h15:53r, Metauro, Pietralunga (PG 43.43N 12.47E) m2.4; h16:53, Gargano, Vieste (FG 41.96N 16.14E) m2.8;

           h18:02, N. Zealand NE (Esperance Rock 30.88S 178.38W) m6.5; h18:12r, Chile NNW (Lebu 37.39S 73.76W) m5.2;

           h19:19r, Papua N. Guinea SE (Panguna 6.85S 155.85E) m5.0; h23:42r, Russia ESE (Vostok 48.16N 152.61E) m5.2

30'09' h00:47r, Indian Ridge SE (48.29S 107.08E) m5.1; h02:02r, Val Sangro (AQ 41.81N 14.17E) m2.4; h06:22r, Mid-Atlantic Ridge N (49.50N 28.49W) m5.4;

           h11:01r, Tonga NE (Nuku`alofa 20.87S 174.95W) m5.4

01'10' h13:49r, Okhotsk Sea (53.17N 152.77E) m6.7; h15:21r, Calabria Coast W (VV 38.79N 15.65E) m2.6; h17:23, Reykjanes Ridge (55.78N 34.72W) m5.2;

           h17:49r, Val Topino, Spoleto (PG 42.78N 12.75E) m2.5; h19:00r, Ecuador N S. Cristobal (0.49N 89.57W) m5.2: preamboli del 04'10' ☻... in attesa del 19'10' ...

02'10' h04:57r, Owen Fracture (11.26N 57.55E) m5.8; h18:03r, Sicily Coast N (ME 37.96N 14.31E) m2.4; h19:54r, Indonesia WNW (Abepura 2.31S 139.26E) m5.4

03'10' h10:58r, M. Sibillini, Norcia (PG 42.80N 13.16E) m3.0; h12:07r, India NW (Singtam 27.36N 88.40E) m5.3; h12:33r, Calabria Coast W (VV 38.74N 15.60E) m2.7:

           h19:16r, Tirreno A S (PA 38.47N 13.49E) m3.3; h20:39r, N. Zealand NE (Esperance Rock 30.82S 178.26W) m5.1: preamboli del 04'10' ☻... c.s.

04'10' h04:56r, Russia E (Nikol'skoye 55.18N 167.18E) m5.5; h13:33r, M. Sibillini, Norcia (PG 42.79N 13.15E) m2.3; h16:38r, Adriatico Centro N (AN 43.56N 13.79E) m3.3;

           h18:43r, Indonesia SE (Mburukullu 11.43S 121.80E) m5.2; h22:40r, Amsterdam I. SE (38.56S 78.49E) m6.4; h23:58r, Calabria W (VV 38.87N 15.73E) m2.4:

Sat/EarSun/Mer, una danza d'apertura! Silenzio cantatore ☻...

05'10' h04:46r, Gubbio (PG 43.37N 12.56E) m2.8; h07:55r, Abruzzi Coast, Roseto (TE 42.65N 14.11E) m2.3; h12:38r, Lipari (ME 38.47N 15.50E) m2.4

06'10' h03:06r, Gubbio (PG 43.37N 12.56E) m2.4; h03:23r, Romania (45.67N 26.55E) m5.3; h14:00r, A. Piceno, Loro (MC 43.13N 13.39E) m2.4;

           h15:03r, Chile Rise W (36.74S 97.51W) m5.3: si ripete la notevole vicinanza di orari locali e latitudini a gran distanze; non è certamente "casuale" infatti,

06'10 ÷ 20'10' 2013: domina l'opposizione Jup*Mar/Plu Sun/Ear (<=click!), cfr. teoria Bendandi-Imbalzano che intanto il supera il 90% di attendibilità (Critical hours).

07'10' h02:05r, Mariana I. (12.30N 141.68E) m6.0; h02:14r, Balkan NW (45.87N 15.05E) m2.3; h05:44r, Patti-Milazzo Gulf (38.13N 15.08E) m3.0;

           h20:26r, Aquila, Pizzoli (AQ 42.45N 13.28E) m2.5; h23:39r, Papua N. Guinea ENE (Samarai 10.06S 151.79E) m5.3

08'10' h00:11r, Emily, S. Felice (MO 44.89N 11.21E) m2.3; h00:51r, Adriatico Centro N (AN 43.58N 13.81E) m2.5; h06:35r, Iran WNW (Qeshm 27.06N 55.74E) m4.8;

           h11:36r, M. Alpi-Sirino, Maratea (PZ 40.01N 15.80E) m2.7; h19:42r, M. Sibillini (MC 42.93N 13.11E) m2.3; h20:30r, Gubbio (PG 43.37N 12.55E) m2.3;

           h23:36r, Macquarie I. W (58.90S 149.08E) m5.8

09'10' h06:27r, Russia E (Kuril'sk 45.37N 150.30E) m5.2; h08:31r, Alaska SW (Nikolski 52.52N 169.38W) m5.1; h09:15r, Etna, Aci (CT 37.64N 15.06E) m2.8;

           h09:48r, Japan SSW (Nishinoomote 29.52N 130.49E) m4.9; h12:35r, Chile NE (S. P. Atacama 22.13S 67.16W) m5.3 h13:13r, Pollino, Castrovillari (CS 39.87N 16.24E) m2.5;

           h22:47r, Fiji I. S (24.60S 179.37W) m5.0; h23:03r, Bolivia SW (Uyuni 20.90S 67.21W) m5.1

10'10' h08:44r, Adriatico Centro N, Rimini (RN 44.20N 12.70E) m2.4; h22:09r, Gubbio (PG 43.36N 12.56E) m2.3; h23:34r, Marche Coast N (PU 44.02N 12.89E) m2.9
11'10' h06:38r, M. Laga (AQ 42.54N 13.31E) m2.3; h09:31r, N. Zealand NNE (Esperance Rock 30.75S 178.44W) m6.3; h12:35r, Solomon I. WNW (Kirakira 10.24S 161.09E) m5.4;

           h20:05r, Indonesia SW (Kuripan 6.00S 102.93E) m5.3; h22:01r, Venezuela N (Gueiria 10.88N 62.28W) m6.1: preamboli m6.* del 19'10' ☺ ...
12'10' h03:06r, Japan E (Funaishikawa 36.45N 140.73E) m5.0; h04:03r, N. Zealand SE (Raoul I. 30.48S 176.61W) m5.2; h14:45r, Greece (Crete 35.49N 23.26E) m6.4;

           h21:01r, Mid-Atlantic Ridge S (52.15S 5.20W) m5.1; h22:39r, Indonesia NW (Tilamuta 0.72N 122.14E) m5.7: intensità in aumento (m5÷6.*) per le recenti località, come previsto da Jup*Mar/Plu Sun/Ear <=click; è quasi incredibile anche l'abbassamento delle latitudini sismiche più rilevanti, in concordia con quello stagionale dell'asse terrestre verso l'eclittica planetaria... ma Bendandi insegna!

13'10' h01:17r, Amsterdam I. NE (36.74S 78.71E) m5.2; h06:01r, Afghanistan N (Alaqahdari Kiran Munjan 36.45N 70.72E) m5.3; h16:35r, Gubbio (PG 43.37N 12.55E) m2.4;

           h19:11r, Fiji SSE (Suva 18.97S 178.89E) m5.1; h19:58r, Catania Gulf, Aci (CT 37.55N 15.21E) m2.4; h23:57r, Indonesia SW (Meulaboh 4.02N 96.01E) m5.8

14'10' h04:17r, Fiji NNE (Ndoi I. 18.44S 178.04W) m5.0; h07:13r, Macquarie I. W (54.42S 143.36E) m5.0; h13:50r, Tirreno B S (TR 38.22N 12.18E) m3.4;

           h17:03r, Liguria/Piemonte, Novi (AL 44.80N 8.99E) m2.4:

anche nel ristretto territorio italico, per i sismi più importanti le latitudini tendono ad abbassarsi verso l'Equatore, come già accennato...

15'10' h03:16r, Alpi Cozie (CN 44.41N 7.26E) m3.4; h08:29r, Philippines NE (Catigbian 9.87N 124.01E) m7.1; h16:00, Bolivia NE (Abapo 18.49S 63.20W) m5.0;

           h16:58r, Philippines WSW (Loon 9.78N 123.71E) m5.9; h19:05r, I. Lipari (ME 38.48N 15.52E) m2.4; h21:19r, Romania WSW (Nereju 45.66N 26.51E) m4.8

16'10' h07:00r, Vanuatu NE (Luganville 15.27S 167.48E) m5.2; h09:52r, Philippines ESE (Casay 9.77N 123.67E) m5.2: si noti come anche le faglie Filippine, in intenso periodo d'attività superficiale (profondità ≈21km), nei valori alti (≈m6.1) attendono ore concordanti con altri sismi (≈h8:46, h16:29) anche distanti, a causa di azioni evidentemente esterne;

           h14:30r, M. Meta-Le Mainarde (FR 41.68N 13.94E) m2.3 (concordanza oraria con h16:00, Bolivia); h20:51r, Papua N. Guinea WSW (Panguna 6.49S 154.93E) m6.8

17'10' h07:53r, Philippines NE (Maribojoc 9.762N 123.86E) m5.3; h10:52r, Mediterranean Sea W (Nizza 42.92N 6.26E) m2.6; h20:57r, Adriatic Centre N (MC 43.53N 13.80E) m2.7;

           h22:17r, Solomon I. SSE (Lata 10.90S 165.93E) m5.4

18'10' h06:15r, Tonga NW (Nuku`alofa 19.67S 176.74W) m4.9; h09:04r, Sicily Coast, Patti (ME 38.11N 14.91E) m2.7; h12:05r, M. Iblei, Ispica (RG 36.79N 14.97E) m3.0;

           h12:25r, Toscana Coast N (PI 43.69N 10.29E) m2.6; h17:44r, Pakistan SE (Surab 28.26N 66.49E) m5.3; h21:52r, Irpinia (AV 40.80N 15.21E) m3.0

19'10' ☺... Opposizioni planetarie attese, a 60° su Sole/Luna: ;

19'10' h03:41r, Gubbio (PG 43.38N 12.53E) m3.2; h10:34r, Mexico SW (Etchoropo 26.27N 110.18W) m6.5; h12:09r, Piano Sele (SA 40.59N 15.17E) m2.7:

           notare le coincidenze orarie prevalenti intorno a mezzanotte, o mezzogiorno, come per le alte maree indotte dalla Luna ;

           h13:11r, Toscana Coast N (LI 43.68N 10.27E) m3.4; h17:31, Visokoi I. NNE (56.19S 26.66W) m5.0; h16:58r, Piemonte/Liguria Rocchetta (AL 44.77N 9.00E) m3.4;

           h21:55r, Papua N. Guinea SSW (Panguna 7.89S 154.51E) m5.2:

20'10' h05:31r, Galapagos I. W (2.28N 99.85W) m5.0; h08:29r, Piemonte/Liguria (AL 44.72N 9.02E) m2.4; h09:09r, Papua N. Guinea WSW (Panguna 6.59S 154.82E) m5.2;

           h11:34r, Visokoi I. ENE (56.50S 25.63W) m5.3; h16:21r, Philippines W (Loon 9.80N 123.72E) m5.2; h16:22r, Tonga S (`Ohonua 22.88S 174.89W) m5.4:

           oltre che nelle zone mondiali più a rischio, si è verificato un notevole aumento dei picchi sismici soprattutto in Italia Ovest, comunque non assenti a Est, concomitanza con il Chiaro di Luna come dai relativi Grafici relativi in alto e come previsto per il 21'10' Jup/Plu & Mar/Nep (60°) Sun*Sat/Moo...

21'10' h00:55r, India NNE (Thang 35.78N 77.41E) m5.4; h07:19r, Philippines NE (Balilihan 9.78N 123.99E) m5.3; h11:35r, Alaska ESE (Adak 51.59N 175.40W) m5.0;

           h12:27r, S. Helena SSE (Georgetown 10.17S 13.22W) m5.1; h13:16r, Chile WSW (Lebu 37.90S 75.18W) m5.0; h13:38r, Alpi Giulie (UD 46.32N 13.72E) m2.4;

           h20:39r, Val Topino, Spoleto (PG 42.78N 12.74E) m2.6: continuano le concordanze orarie; naturalmente, produce  maggiori intensità la zona austro-asiatica, più sensibile.

22'10' h04:16r, Lunigiana, Casola (MS 44.20N 10.15E) m2.5; h04:40r, N. Caledonia ESE (Tadine 22.53S 169.70E) m5.0; h10:47r, Japan ENE (Namie 37.71N 141.93E) m5.3;

           h12:05r, Indonesia WSW (Reuleuet 5.07N 96.03E) m5.3; h20:43r, Tonga SW (Vaini, 23.01S 177.18W) m5.5:

la media delle massime intensità giornaliere dal 01'10' ≈m5.4m7.1 Max (15'10' h08:29r, Philippines), ben rientra nelle previsioni (m5.7→8.4).

Mini- statistic (22'10'-18'10'): Minima Lat.(-23.01 -37.9 -56.50 -56.19 -19.67) L. average = -38.65; m(5.5 5 5.3 5 4.9) M. average = m5.1

                                                  Maxima Lat.(44.2 46.32 44.72 44.77 43.69) L. average = 44.74 (gen. +3.05) m(2.5 2.4 2.4 3.4 2.6) M. average = 2.7 (gen. m3.9), ciò che conferma l'efficacia sismica sulle zone (inclinate verso il Sole) direttamente esposte all'eclittica planetaria, con il dominio dei valori medi intorno al giorno (21'10') come previsto.


23'10' h01:25r, M. Laga (AQ 42.55N 13.41E) m3.2; h02:59r, Philippines E (Canmaya Diot 9.94N 124.16E) m5.2; h04:37r, Val Topino, Spoleto (PG 42.78N 12.75E) m2.6;

           h07:36r, Papua N. Guinea W (Panguna 6.38S 154.98E) m5.4; h11:03r, I. Lipari (38.44N 15.21E) m2.3; h11:27r, N. Zealand NE (Esperance Rock 31.00S 178.27W) m5.6;

           h11:57r, M. Martani, Giano (42.80N 12.65E) m2.9; h18:46r, C. Mid-Atlantic Ridge (3.42N 31.48W) m5.0

24'10' h04:30r, Fiji SW (Ndoi I. 22.55S 179.26E) m5.0; h08:20r, Casentino, Bagno (FC 43.80N 11.95E) m2.4; h08:47r, Tonga SW (Vaini 22.50S 176.51W) m5.4;

           h09:32r, Colombia W (Pizarro 5.02N 78.14W) m5.0; h12:08r, Russia SSE (Ozernovskiy 51.23N 156.68E) m5.0; h17:55r, Tonga NE (Pangai 19.36S 173.77W) m5.4;

           h18:33r, S. Sandwich Islands E (58.21S 12.95W) m6.7

25'10' h00:11r, India N (Bamboo Flat 14.34N 93.14E) m5.5; h06:20r, Tonga NE (Pangai 19.36S 173.77W) m5.4; h09:59r, Frignano, Frassinoro (MO 44.27N 10.50E) m3.1;

           h13:05r, Etna, Randazzo (CT 37.84N 14.99E) m2.6; h20:02r, Visokoi I. NNW (56.31S 27.48W) m5.2;  h21:41r, Carlsberg Ridge (1.01S 67.57E) m5.3
26'10' h02:20r, Etna, Randazzo (CT 37.86N 15.00E) m2.8; h02:49r, Japan Off Coast E (Honshu 37.17N 144.67E) m7.1

27'10' h08:03r, Appennino ligure (AL 44.77N 8.98E) m3.1; h09:58r, Panama SSE (Guarumal 8.32N 82.52W) m5.1; h23:12r, Solomon I. SE (Lata 10.87S 165.94E) m5.1:

Jup/Plu (60°) Sat*Mer/Sun(&≈Moo) (←click) fino al 30'10' ≈☻...

28'10' h00:38r, Marsica (AQ 41.75N 14.03E) m2.6; h03:52r, Japan Off Coast E (Honshu 37.14N 144.64E) m5.5:

           assestamenti dei precedenti nell'Oceano Pacifico (17'10'-26'10') a EST; a WEST, potremmo confrontare Amsterdam I. con Panama SSE (13'10'→27'10', m5.2→5.1);

           h05:11r, M. Nebrodi, Cerami (EN 37.86N 14.49E) m2.4; h07:26r, I. Lipari (ME 38.68N 15.39E) m2.9; h13:05r, Adriatico Centro N (AN 43.70N 13.94E) m2.3;

           h15:24r, Svalbard & J. Mayen SW (Longyearbyen, 76.35N 7.40E) m5.3; h18:09r, Etna, Maletto (CT 37.77N 14.94E) m2.6: concomitante con una eruzione vulcanica;

           h18:46r, Visokoi I. NNW (56.21S 27.41W) m5.0; h23:09r, Fiji NNE (Ndoi I. 20.02S 178.29W) m5.1:

           relativi assestamenti nell'Oceano Pacifico (24'10', m5.0→5.1; 25'10', m5.2→5.0) a WEST, con inclinazione terrestre a -14.19°.

29'10' h06:21r, Papua N. Guinea W (Panguna 6.32S 154.93E) m5.3: assestamento " "  a EST (23'10'→29'10', m5.4→5.3); h20:57r, Balleny I. (61.69S 154.73E) m6.0;

           h22:03r, Chile SSE (Constitucion 35.41S 72.37W) m6.2: Jup/Plu (60°) Sat*Mer/Sun(&≈Moo) (←click) fino al 30'10' ≈☻...; h23:42r, Austria (BZ 47.77N 10.82E) m2.3

30'10' h00:09r, Philippines SSE (Sarangani 4.35N 126.06E) m5.2; h02:00r, Tirreno A S (PA 38.51N 13.32E) m2.4; h02:36r, I. Lipari (VV 38.75N 15.33E) m2.6;

           h03:58r, Sicily Sea (AG 36.73N 13.19E) m2.9; h05:02r, China W (Xitumenzi 43.19N 130.98E) m5.1; h14:25r, Calabria Coast (VV 38.92N 15.71E) m2.3;

           h16:16r, Appennino ligure (GE 44.58N 9.24E) m2.9; h19:06r, Calabria Coast W (CS 39.25N 15.68E) m2.6; h19:08r, Colline Metallifere (GR 43.17N 10.80E) m2.6;

           h20:00r, Vanuatu WNW (Port-Olry 14.98S 166.82E) m5.1: ad ora, le concordanze orarie raggiungono il 95% e questo ha un significato  fisico molto profondo... le ipotesi planetarie di G. Imbalzano assumono il significato di una vera teoria!

31'10' h06:24r, Appennino ligure (AL 44.78N 8.98E) m2.4; h08:32r, Indonesia N (Manuakalada 9.07S 119.61E) m5.2; h11:20r, China S (Qian'an 44.64N 124.08E) m5.4;

           h15:30r, Fiji ESE (Ndoi I. 20.74S 178.47W) m5.1; h17:40r, Mar Ionio, Siracusa (SR 37.13N 15.39E) m2.4; h18:18r, Chile SSW (Coquimbo 30.30S 71.56W) m6.6;

           h19:36r, Prealpi venete, Claut (PN 46.24N 12.49E) m3.2; h20:08r, Taiwan SSW (Hualian 23.59N 121.44E) m6.3; h22:40r, Alpi Marittime (IM 43.99N 7.53E) m3.0

01'11' h00:32r, Japan SE (Ofunato 38.29N 142.83E) m5.3; h01:04r, Madonie (PA 37.75N 13.86E) m3.1; h05:43r, Costa calabra occidentale (VV 38.81N 15.72E) m3.1

02'11' h00:41r, Piana del Sele, Eboli (SA 40.59N 15.12E) m2.3; h02:22r, Russia SSE (Kuril'sk 44.63N 148.11E) m5.0; h07:23r, Tonga ESE (Neiafu 19.13S 172.63W) m6.2;

           h08:23r, Easter Island (23.57S 112.61W) m5.8; h10:12r, I. Lipari (ME 38.41N 15.34E) m2.4; h11:37r, Alaska S (False Pass 53.56N 163.71W) m5.2;

           h22:39r, Tonga ESE (Neiafu 19.23S 172.52W) m5.5, raro rinforzo gravitazionale verso il Nord del globo terrestre, la Luna incontro al Sole:

03'11'  ☻... Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse Visible from Eastern US (Mike Wall, Senior, October 30, 2013); h03:46r, Solomon I. SE (Lata 11.74S 166.70E) m5.0;

           h10:11r, Russia S (Kuril'sk 44.21N 148.17E) m5.1; h12:38r, Papua N. Guinea WNW (Kandrian 5.89S 148.80E) m5.6;

           h15:35r, Piana Sele, Serre (SA 40.59N 15.17E) m2.7; h16:04r, South Sandwich I. NNE (Bristol I. 57.87S 25.71W) m5.4;

           h19:17r, Philippines SSW (Palimbang 4.61N 123.36E) m6.0; h20:51r, Japan ESE (Haebaru 26.08N 128.43E) m5.4

04'11' h11:58r, Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge (8.97N 40.48W) m5.0

           Nota: da tale data questo foglio, sostituito dalla successiva fase statistica, passa in un archivio comunque reperibile.

17'11' ☺...

2014 01'01' ☻... 06'01' Moo/Sat(45°)Ven/Jup & Mar/Ura┴Sun/Ear; ≈m6.8 Max planetario in attesa; 15'01' .


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2013:    19'09' ☺ 21'09' Sat*Ven/Mar(30°), Jup/Plu┴Sun/Moo; 04'10' Pakistan: m7.7 effettivo / m7.9 Max planetario

               19'10' 21'10' Jup/Plu & Mar/Nep (60°) Sun*Sat/Moo; 03'11' Djarkta: m?.? effettivo / m5.7→8.4 (in mancanza dell'intervento di Venere, laterale) Max planetario

2014:    01'01' ☻ 06'01' Moo/Sat(45°)Ven/Jup & Mar/Ura┴Sun/Ear; ≈m6.8 Max planetario... 15'01'

              15'03' 16'03' Mer*Nep/Sat(30°), Jup/Sat(45°)Sun/Ear; 30'03'

              28'05' 08'06' Jup/Plu (60°) Sat*Mar/Ven; 12'06'

              21'12' 25'12' Jup/Mar (30°) Ven*Mer/Plu; 05'01'15

2015:   03'04' 12'04' Sat/Ven ┴ Jup/Mer; 18'04'

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    EN. In the graph: a general demonstration (this was submitted to constructive criticisms of about 20 active participants away FaceBook to the conference on the WEB) that the hours of the seisms, also in the very distant localities, they are in accord with the position of these in comparison with the Planets (that induce flows of particles in gravitational field) and not only of the Sun or the Moon; in fact, the times are not tied exclusively to lunisolar peaks.                                                                                                                                         Giovanni Imbalzano 10 October 2013 Moncalieri (TO)

    IT. Nel grafico: dimostrazione generale (sottoposta alle critiche costruttive di circa 20 partecipanti attivi via FaceBook alla conferenza sul WEB) che le ore dei sismi, in luoghi anche molto distanti, concordano con la posizione di questi rispetto ai Pianeti (che inducono flussi di particelle in gravitazione) e non solo al Sole o alla Luna; infatti, i tempi non sono legati esclusivamente ai culmini lunisolari.

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    Nota Bene: nel grafico Dominant planetary hours for ALL latitudes le "lancette" in corrispondono all'attuale opposizione (Moo/Sun) o dei Pianeti, nell'ordine

Moo/Sun Mar/Nep Jup/Plu Jup/Ven Ura/Sat Ura/Mer ovvero, inversamente, Nep/Mar Plu/Jup Ven/Jup Sat/Ura Mer/Ura Sun/Moo (in verso orario).


Personal thanks for the data published by US Geological Survey,

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I più probabili quanti del campo sono le WIMP (Weakly Interacting Massive Particles) magnetiche!

From the charts we deduces that the WIMP globally produces

a less attractive forces in comparison with the standard (anti -gravity apparent).

 An impromptu quantic skips are able to disperse gravitons (if n→w) or anti -gravitons (if w→n).

The deduced value for masses of the WIMP in

Gravitational quantization: "Seismic perturbation, Bode law and WIMP interactions"

G. Imbalzano

Quantizzazione gravitazionale: "Perturbazioni sismiche, legge di Bode e interazioni WIMP"

are perfectly compatibles with experiments of Labs of the Soudan (CoGeNT) and of the Gran Sasso (INFN)




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