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Entertainment's Museums

La Scala Opera House

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excerpt from page 92
Museo Teatrale alla Scala
Inaugurated in 1913, this museum is a very crowded place: lots of objects packed into just a few rooms. It is a genuine place of worship for opera lovers; beside busts and portraits of Italian and foreign musicians and singers from the 19th century to the present day, you will find masks, costumes, scores, autographed letters and drawings of stage sets. Giuseppe Verdi is, of course, the museum's highlight.
This museum too originated from private collections and is still now a private institution. It is well known abroad, since its material is often exhibited in foreign countries; it also organizes a series of temporary exhibitions.
Besides its exhibits, the Museo Teatrale is of particular interest to scholars of the history of opera and entertainment. The library of the museum is endowed with more than 45,000 volumes collected by playwright and theater critic, Renato Simoni.
Moreover, a collection of antique musical instruments belonging to the Museo Teatrale and housed in the Palazzo dei Giureconsulti can be visited with the same ticket.
Be warned that the Museo Teatrale will likely relocate during the period (probably 2002-2004) in which the Scala Theater is under restructuring. The new location is unknown at this time.

For information on Milan's Museo del Cinema, see the printed guidebook (page 136).

Piazza Scala
(inside La Scala)
nearest subway stations
9AM - 12 noon and 2 - 5PM
• closed Sunday from November to April

entrance charge

tel. 02 8053418

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