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The Life of my wife's grandfather John Rauzi
by Jim Foote

John came to American when he was 14 years old in 1896.
He was born in Trentino, Italy. He married Gelinda Martini the date of this marriage is not known. Gelinda was born september 17, 1882 and was from the same area of Italy. She died on april 6, 1946 at home. Home at that time being in Maple Grove, a small settlement just west of the town of Uhrichsville, Ohio.

John and Gelinda had two childeren, the oldest was Carlo born april 13, 1907 in the state of Colorado. A daughter Mary born april 30 , 1909 in Goshen , Ohio. Goshen is a small settlement near New Philadelphia, Ohio, at that time it was a mining town.

While John lived in the Goshen area he was a miner in the coal mines of the area, the main mines at time were across the hill in a town of Wainwright. These were all deep coal mines. He worked the mines until which time he moved to Maple Grove, and took up a new job. He worked in a clay plant that manfactured sewer tile. The sewer tile business was a major industry in the area until the late 1950's. John worked there until he retired and when he retired he move to a farm near the town of Gnadenhutten, Ohio. He lived there until his death in 1965.

The farm he moved to was owned by his daughter and husband Aldo Bau. While on the farm his main job was to take care of the live stock and go get the mail at the end of the lane, which was about a forth of a mile long. In all his years John failed to learn how to drive a car; the one time he was put behind the wheel he could only yell whoa and giddy up. They told him he would not make a good driver and to give it up. He had always worked with horses and ponies in the mines .

John was a small man about 5foot 6 inches tall and always had a small mustache and wore a pipe. You could tell from what part of the world he came from by the way he talked and the way he dressed. At one time the chickens stopped laying eggs on the farm and he was asked what was going on with the feed. They were not using as much as they had in the past; John said that the chickens were not making eggs: no work no eat. His life was lived in the ways of the old country, gardens and grape harbors, good wine and food.

He lived like many of the people who came from the old country to this area, a simple but full life.

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