Memo for the english readers

        I tried to collect on these web pages all the material I have written since I retired from a life spent as R&D industrial manage. 

Most of the texts are written in italian. Some of them are however written in english. They are for the most parts reflections on complex sytem issues like: 

Complexity, globalisation, urban challenges

You will find the reference to these research work - and those of my collegues at the
CSS - Center for System Studies
located in Torino (Italy)  - in the web site of CSS.

To facilitate the interested reader, I reported here the summary of some of my papers.

Each summary is connected to the complete paper which could be dowloaded if so desired (as pdf).



For those which are curios to know better the author,
here is a short curriculum vitae.


I will certainly appreciate any comment you might have.

Please contact me.