My opensource equivalent applications

Start using opensource software on Windows, some years ago was a method to convert me to Linux easily.
Open source applications very often are written with technologies that can compile on different platform and architectures, mostly unchanged. So they are identical on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris and other Unix. When you learned those on Windows, when you use them on Linux, you already know all, and you need to learn only the differences for the operating system itself.
Lately Linux Debian Ubuntu is definitely easier to use than Windows in some respects, like downloading, installing and removing programs.
These days often the opensource solutions are the only available, or the one that is far better than the others, also respect to payware.
Unfortunately there are few open source games, and worse, there are few games that run well on Linux at all, but who knows ...
In fact I now boot Windows just to play combat flight simulation. In a little, the emulation of DirectX9 will be complete in WINE, the Windows emulator for Linux, and then I will uninstall completely Windows.

The payware is the last chance, when no other alternatives are possible.
The GNU/GPL license permit the legal use for business purposes, and so is better than shareware.
You have the sources, so you can correct the bugs, or add functions, and so is better than freeware.
The authors are protected with the GPL, and so is better than public domain like old Berkeley BSD or MIT licenses that allowed MS to steal the code of TCP/IP stack and use it inside Win32 and commercially sell it, without say thanks to noone student that wrote that.
So my philosophy is: if something exist that is opensource and do a function that I need, I use that with a preference to different licensed software.
Open source applications realize something that I call: shared intelligence. The work of the people are continually enhanced, you never had to rewrite something someone other have already done. Even if people write opensource software only in spare time, the quality of certain products is very high, often higher than payware.
I report here the equivalent applications that I use.

Sorted for closed source:
closed source              open source
3Dstudio                   Blender       
Audition                   Audacity      
Autocad                    Blender       
AutoIt                     AutoHotkey    
Cool Edit                 
Direct3D                   OpenGL        
DivX                       Xvid          
DVD MovieFactory           DeVeDe        
DVD MovieFactory           DVDstyler     
Encarta                    Wikipedia     
Exceed                     Xming         
Explorer                   Mozilla Seamonkey
Flash                      SVG           
Fraps                      Taksi         
FreeHand                   Inkscape      
FreeHand                   OpenOfficeDraw
FrontPage                  Mozilla Seamonkey
GDI                        GTK+          
Hamachi                    OpenVPN       
InDesign                   Scribus       
Illustrator                Inkscape      
Illustrator                OpenOfficeDraw
Mathlab                    Nsp           
Mathlab                    Scilab        
Mentor                     gEDA          
Mentor                     KiCAD         
mp3                        Ogg/Vorbis    
MS Office                  OpenOffice    
OmniPage                   gImageReader OCR
Outlook                    Mozilla Seamonkey
Orcad                      gEDA          
Orcad                      KiCAD         
Page Maker                 Scribus       
PaintShop                  Gimp          
PhotoShop                  Gimp          
Premiere                   Cinelerra     
Premiere                   Kino          
Premiere                   VirtualDub    
Premiere                   Avidemux      
QuickTime                  x264          
ScriptIt                   AutoHotkey    
SoundForge                 Audacity      
TeamSpeak                  Mumble&Murmor 
TeamViewer                 RealVNC       
TeamViewer                 TightVNC      
VideoStudio                Cinelerra     
VideoStudio                Kino          
VideoStudio                VirtualDub    
VideoStudio                Avidemux      
VisualStudio               Dev-C++       
VmWare                     VirtualBox    
Wav                        Flac          
Win32 API                  Glib          
Windows                    Linux         
Windows                    Ubuntu Linux  
Windows Media Player       Media Player Classic
Windows Media Player       Mplayer       
Windows Media Player       VLC           
WinRar                     7zip          
Winzip                     7zip          
WMV                        x264          
WMV                        Ogg/Theora    
WsFtp                      Filezilla     
Zipgenius                  7zip          
???                        Nedit         
???                        NSIS          
???                        Wireshark     

Sorted for opensource equivalent:
open source             closed source
7zip                    WinRar                    
7zip                    Winzip                    
7zip                    Zipgenius                 
Audacity                Auditium                  
Audacity                Cool Edit                 
Audacity                SoundForge                
AutoHotkey              AutoIt                    
AutoHotkey              ScriptIt                  
Avidemux                Premiere                  
Avidemux                VideoStudio               
Blender                 3Dstudio                  
Blender                 Autocad                   
Cinelerra               Premiere                  
Cinelerra               VideoStudio               
Dev-C++                 VisualStudio              
DeVeDe                  DVD MovieFactory          
DVDstyler               DVD MovieFactory          
Filezilla               WsFtp                     
Flac                    Wav                       
Flightgear              FlightSimulator           
gEDA                    Mentor                    
gEDA                    Orcad                     
gImageReader OCR        OmniPage
Gimp                    PaintShop                 
Gimp                    PhotoShop                 
Glib                    Win32 API                 
GTK+                    GDI                       
Inkscape                Illustrator/FreeHand      
KiCad                   Mentor                    
KiCad                   Orcad                     
Kino                    Premiere                  

Kino                    VideoStudio               
Linux                   Windows                   
Media Player Classic    Windows Media Player      
Mozilla Seamonkey       Explorer                  
Mozilla Seamonkey       FrontPage                 
Mozilla Seamonkey       Outlook                   
Mplayer                 Windows Media Player      
Mumble&Murmor           TeamSpeak                 
Nedit                   ???                       

NSIS                    ???                       
Nsp                     Mathlab                   
Ogg/Theora              QuickTime                 
Ogg/Theora              WMV                       
Ogg/Vorbis              mp3                       
OpenGL                  Direct3D                  
OpenOffice              MS Office                 
OpenOfficeDraw          Illustrator/FreeHand      
OpenVPN                 Hamachi                   
RealVNC                 TeamViewer                
Scilab                  Mathlab                   
Scribus                 InDesign                  

Scribus                 PageMaker                 
Scribus                 Xpress                    
SVG                     Flash                     
Taksi                   Fraps                     
TightVNC                TeamViewer                
Ubuntu                  Windows                   
VirtualBox              VmWare                    
VirtualDub              Premiere                  
VirtualDub              VideoStudio               
VLC                     Windows Media Player      
Wikipedia               Encarta                   
Wireshark               ???                       

x264                    QuickTime                 
x264                    WMV                       
Xming                   Exceed                    
Xvid                    DivX                      

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