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HowTo use Cygwin to compile GTK+ v2.8+ and Cairo v1.4+ GUI crossplatform applications (outdated)

HowTo use Dev-C++ to compile GTK+ v2.8+ and Cairo v1.4+ GUI crossplatform applications (outdated)

Why to use GTK+ v2.8+ and Cairo v1.4+ to develop GUI crossplatform applications

My equivalent opensource applications

Configure OpenVPN on Win32

I will publish as soon as possible a set of programs (which, however, all go in Win3.1x/9x/NT/2000 window), some useful, some fun. Are written in different languages: Basic, Visual Basic, C, C + +, Modula2, Fortran77, and x86 Assembler Z80 (emulated).
I have written them over the years, since I develop on x86 PC (since 1984, before on Sinclair ZX Spectrum), written everytime to solve a specific problem that happened to me at that moment, or as a hobby.
Usually are not very refined in terms of graphic interface, but works well for its purpose.

I have made available the first of these programs because they are the only finished as interface and because them served to some friends, so I decided to publish them immediately. Try and give me feedback.

OHMico Ver. 3.42  15/11/1998
How many times when making an electronic project, from the calculations, serve a resistive value that is not available commercially in standard E24 series? Some values you can find by hand for the series, but with some optimized parallel, it is somewhat more difficult ...
This software searches for the best combination in series and in parallel of two resistances, such as achieving a certain theoretical value calculated. Takes into account the commercial E24 series, the powers available and the tolerances.
Gives a report on the calculations made, centered on the values (or just very close) than searched, sorted by percentage error.
Also gives an estimate of error in calculations, useful in the case of a couple with very different values between them, which would lose significance.
NB The character displayed if you run the program in Windows 3.11/9x/NTx/2000 is the Ohm symbol (capital omega) of the 437 ASCII codepage. Requires a fix with UTF-8, but is now overcome by ReSolve.
Language: QBasic, License: freeware
DOS Binary only OHMico Ver. 3.42  15/11/1998 floppy 45 kB

ReSolve V.0.05.00 beta 2007/07/18
OHMico evolution, it resolve every formula using commercial discrete resistor value only.
To change the Eseries require recompilation. Minimum requirements: 512MB ram.
Language: C, License: opensource GNU GPL v3.
Sources + binary for Win32, Linux/x86, Solaris/Sparc, Osf1/Alpha reSolve005.7z floppy 48 kB

SendRtp V.2.02.02 2007/10/11
Send RTP/UDP frames with sinusoidal patterns to test VoIP telephony.
Sources are compressed with 7zip: http://www.7-zip.org/
Language: C, License: opensource GNU GPL v3
Sources sendRtp20202.7z floppy 5 kB

PopUp Multiplane Ground Attack V.0.06.05 2008/01/13 (beta-6)
This is my first application written in GTK+2.8, Cairo1.4 and GNU GPLv3 license.
It is realized with the aim to be crossplatform, so it written in ANSI C99, and use the GTK+ library for the GUI part.
So it can compile on Win32, Linux, MacOS, Solaris and other Unixes (if you had problem compiling for your OS, tell me a note)
It was useful to me to learn the GTK+ and Cairo, but it is designed to coordinate a ground attack with a flight simulator,
on the same target like an airport, using 2 to 4 planes and the 'popUp' technique.
Sources are compressed with tar.bzip2, Win32 executables are compressed with 7zip: http://www.7-zip.org/
I prepared a Win32 single file installer with NSIS: http://nsis.sourceforge.net/Main_Page
Language: C, License: opensource GNU GPL v3
Sources: popUp0.06.05.src.tar.bz2 floppy 188 kB
Win32 single file installer:
popUp0.06.05setup.exe.7z floppy 7041 kB
Alternatively you can download all separated packages. In this case you had to install the GTK+ graphic library for Win32, downloading it
from: http://gladewin32.sourceforge.net/ and choosing the link: Gtk+/Win32 Runtime Environment Installer 2.12.9 (.exe, 7.2 MB)
or from my web site: Gtk+/Win32 Runtime Environment Installer 2.12.9 (.exe, 7.2 MB)
More you need the Cygwin library: cygwin1.dll (2008/03/09  530 kB) (if you are interested in cygwin sources they are available at: http://cygwin.com/)
and install it unzipping in the program directory.
Win32 binary only: popUp0.06.05.exe.7z floppy 123 kB

Falcon4 Allied Force periodic autosave script
This is a script for AutoHotkey: http://www.autohotkey.com/ that every 10 minutes save a Campaign or Tactical Engagement status, with a name composed of a fixed part, and a part that is the current date and time in YYYYMMDDHH24MISS format. The timer and name fixed part are easily customizable.
It is designed for Falcon4 Allied Force: http://www.lead-pursuit.com/ F-16 combat flight simulator running in window mode (not full screen). To run in this mode, set a 16bpp depth and run the Falcon.exe with -window option.
Note: may need some customization, as the coordinate are in pixel where 0,0 is window left,top corner, so for every installation, different mouse click coordinate are required. Fortunately AutoHotkey come with WindowSpy that return the mouse pointer coordinate for your resolution.
Sources are compressed with 7zip: http://www.7-zip.org/
Language: AutoHotkey, License: opensource GNU GPL v3
Sources: Falcon4AFautosave.ahk.7z floppy 2 kB


ReSolve V.0.10.09h beta 2023/03/26
OHMico evolution, it resolve every formula using commercial discrete resistor value only.
Minimum requirements: 512MB ram.
This version use dynamic memory allocation and a configuration file for calculus parameters.
This version can be used by command line or by graphical user interface.
Language: C, License: opensource GNU GPL v3.
Sources + binary for Linux/x86/x64, Win32/64 reSolve01009h.tgz floppy 40 MB

Wilderland - A Hobbit Environment V1.07 2019/09/16
ZX Spectrum emulator for the textual adventure 'The Hobbit', it show what happen under the hood while you play.
You can see what do the other Not Player Character (NPC) white time passes and your actions.
Idea and build by CH (http://members.aon.at/~ehesch1/wl/wl.htm) with SDL1.2, I ported it to Linux and some little modifications.
Language: C, License: opensource, not for commercial use.
Sources + binary for Linux/x64/x86, Win32 WL_107_Linux.tgz floppy 1.5 MB

Wilderland - A Hobbit Environment V2.09 2022/09/07
I made a porting to SDL2.0 available at https://github.com/efa/Wilderland with many modifications.
This version uses a new, more modern Z80 emulator, has some new features. I recommend this which I keep updated.
Language: C, License: GNU GPL v2.
Other than sources, you can download binaries for Windows, Linux and macOS on github, on the right section "Releases".


Too much time with this old page and you need my programs, write me: email da digitare antispam Chiocciolina
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