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1992 "L’attuale rete urbana nel Sudan meridionale. Città e zeribe schiaviste, stazioni e forti antischiavisti", Bollettino della Società Geografica Italiana (BSGI), 10-12, 689-720

(THE PRESENT URBAN NETWORK IN THE SOUTHERN SUDAN. SLAVE TOWNS AND ZERIBAS, ANTI-SLAVE STATIONS AND FORTS: In this work are located those urban centres, localized along rivers and at the limits of the main roads existing in the Southern Sudan, whose genesis and development are directly connected to the phenomena, either of slave trade or of the fight against slavery. An introductory elaboration of the research has already been published in this "Bulletin". Twentysix, in all, are the centres surveyed (four of which, at this point, have to be considered "dead cities"), that is, almost all greater south centres, included those that in the 1973-1983 decade were capitals of the six southern provinces. Available data are, in fact, very fragmentary, above all because of the almost total imperviousness of those areas, which have been - and often still are - off limits to "strangers". So the Author had to examine a very lacking, and often very contradictory, literature. He has gone essentially by numerous and interesting contributions brought by some Italian explorers and missionaries. The reader could be able to realize what a dramatic, uncontrollable and even incredible - one hundred and seventy years long - story means for one of the less developed countries of the Third World. Piece after piece, besides a panoramic historical framework of the urban in Southern Sudan, it will be also before a concise history of Sudan itself, even including other fragments of "minor" histories: a) the history of a "further" colonialism, the Turko-Egyptian one; b) the history of European colonialism, obviously the English one, but French and Belgian, too; c) the history of what "perhaps" is the first anti-European revolution, autochtonous and African - with a national-religious setting: the Mahdist one; d) the history of slavery and its abolition)

1991 "La schiavitù e la città del Sudan meridionale.Genesi e sviluppo dell’urbanizzazione nel XIX e nel XX secolo e sue interrelazioni con la storia della tratta", BSGI, XI, VIII, 7-9, 499-523

(SLAVERY AND TOWN IN THE SOUTHERN SUDAN. ORIGIN AND DEVELOPMENT OF URBANIZATION IN THE 19th AND 20th CENTURIES AND THEIR CONNECTION WITH THE SLAVE TRADE: The Author shows in this work how the present urban network of the Southern Sudan strictly derives from the zeriba (a fortified camp), which was founded and utilized, in the 19th century, as a base for hunting and trading of slaves, or as anti-slavery centre. The zeribas almost always become, in this way, the original - historical - nuclei of many towns. The Author in his well supported historical excursus underlines how in this region slavery is as old as history itself, and how it is still present nowadays, even if differently shaped, due also to the civil war that has been going on in bathing the country in blood for many years. What in this article is in toto pointed out represents a personal "discovery" made by the Author indeed. The "peculiar" foundation act of these towns is not to be found, also due to the complexity, the extent and the time-lasting of such phenomenon, in the traditional geo-historical and socio-anthropological taxonomies concerning the "urban", both in Africa and in the rest of the world)





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