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An Italian magazine recently published a new story about Gagarin's death. Here there is a brief summary:
A KGB officer, who had been accompanied him since his historic flight,
reveals new facts that could be part of a plan to
kill Yury Gagarin
On March 27, 1967, Yury Gagarin took off with his Mig 15 for what had to be his last flight. Onboard the jet there also was his instructor Vladimir Seryoghin. That day, at 10,31 in the morning, his jet plane crashed, near the town of Kirzhach, killing the two men. 

After his historic flight inside the Vostok 1 spacecraft, Gagarin became a symbol, the symbol of the communism superiority in space technology. 

After 30 years a new story emerges from KGB officer Venyamin Ivanovich Rusyaev. He was the closest person to Gagarin, besides his wife Valyushka Gagarina, in the years after the Vostok 1 mission. He was his bodyguard, his confident, his shadow. He told his story to a "Literaturnaya Gazeta"'s journalist. He cannot understand some facts but he never talked about a murder, just about some strange facts that happened since Yury was named Komarov's backup for the Soyuz 1 flight. 

The KGB officer says Vladimir Komarov invited he and his wife to have a supper just a month before the Soyuz 1 flight. That evening Komarov told Rusyaev he knew he would not be back alive form the mission, Komarov knew, he was sure of that and when Rusyaev told him to resign the mission Komarov replied he could not resign because of that would meant to have Gagarin on that mortal flight, Gagarin had to be protected. 

Few days later the KGB officer received an envelope containing a document signed by Gagarin and other cosmonaut. That document was to be read by Breznev - although noone know if it actually reached the Communist Party secretary - and it was intended to avoid the Soyuz 1 flight because the Soyuz spacecraft was not yet ready to be launched manned. Komarov underwent a very hard training for the mission, so hard he had to take days to rest, maybe it was intended to make Vladimir resign and make Gagarin fly in place of him. Anyway, Soyuz 1 took off on April 23, 1967, piloted by Validim Komarov and 24 hours later Komarov died on re-entry because of the parachute failed to deploy properly. 

After the accident, Gagarin contacted Rusyaev and told him he was sad because of the hard work he did to avoid the flight. Yury decided to talk with Breznev in person, but noone know if they met to discuss the question. 

So what happened on March 27, 1968? At 10,18 in the morning Gagarin took off piloting a Mig 25 jet plane accompanied by his instructor and 13 minutes later the jet crashed, the crew did not try to eject and no radio communication were detected before the crash.