Tv on line

The tv on line's project is a development's program of the multimedia technology that permits to the students to learn the new technologies in the telematic and information field. The shows will involve all young people between 16 and 19 years old, and included also young people between 14 and 15 years old. The television emittente is TELENORBA. The project involves the students and permits them to:

- access to television production world and permit them to create a real television program. - Help students to insert them in the job world.

The project start by the need to offer new learning's possibilities to the students but it is useful also to provide real services examples at the television's users. The tv on line's project is an example of a way to build television program that include both the useful purpose and enjoy purpose. So the subjects will be the same arguments that young people don't know, and this is a cultural involution that we must stop. So we will talk about surrounding, nature, territory, tourism, job world, school and politics(really!) and also music, cinema and everything that is interesting for young men. However, the project isn't an exclusive of our school, but it allows the implication of other schools which can access freedom to the database and at all the informations that we take daily and they are publish on line in real time on the project internet site. The site become the center between the schools which want to collaborate through the net, with many advantages. The advantages and the project's scopes are not only this. If you want to discover them look at us in TV !