European Computer Driving Licence

To be able and to know the computers today, is an essential ability to work, for people both that search their first job and that have the problem to enter again on the job world. It is ok also for people that just have a job, but they want improve their collocation. What meaning to be able to use a computer? Many people know it, but they don't know what is their level. They think that are able to use it but they can't prove it. So we need of a international reference's standard.


Pratically, we need for computers, a driving licence such as for to drive the car. If we ask to anybody : are you able to drive? Yes I have the driving licence is a good answer. It meaning to be able to do everything that is required in other countries for to pass the exam. Thanks to European computer driving licence (ecdl) that is a international certificate. Anybody that have it is able to show that he know the bases for to work with a pc in personal mode or in line mode, in a firm, in a public service, a professional work etc.. . So this licence certify that a men is able to use a pc like the driving licence certify that a man is able to drive a car. The ecdl is a new bear, but, it is extending in many European countries very rapidly.


Thanks to a accord with the AICA, the public education's department recognize ecdl like a certify standard of computer knowledge in the school. So it is valid for bonus points in the final exam. The points cannot to be established first because of the decision of the classroom counsel and of student's curriculum.


The candidate must buy a skill card from any center test or point test, where will recorder the pass exams. The exams are seven, one of this is theory while the others are practical test. The test's level is very easy but it is normal to certify if the user is able to use a pc in the daily standard applications. The exams are:

1 - Basic concepts
2 - Files management
3 - Word processing
4 - Spreadsheet
5 - Databases
6 - Presentation
7 - Information networks

you can to do every exam in any accredited center in italy or in other European countries.
The user can to do the exams in different centers and he can make them when he wants (the validity of the skill card is 3 years). When the user has pass all the exams, he gets the driving licence by the AICA(for italy).


The European driving licence is a program linked at the CEPIS (council of European professional informatics societies ), it is the association that combine all the European informatics associations. Italy is one of the 17 countries and it is represent by AICA, an Italian association for the informatics and the auto calculus. The computer driving licence program is helped by the Europe union that has inserted him between the projects to realize the information's society.


You can do the exams at the any center that has the quality international standard decided by CEPIS. In italy the association that decided this centers is the AICA. There are many centers in Europe, allocated in public or private professional office, large industrial associations, business rooms, national occupation agencies.


For more information about the programs, to bay the skill card and other, you can contact the nearest center. To contact the AICA : 20121 Milano - p.le R. Morandi, 2 tel. (02) 784970 - fax(02) 76015717 - e-mail:, for information : You can also to visit the ECDL site at the address .