Computer science

This new era is living a phase of deep change in IT. The rapid technologic evolution, The greatest interest of mass media, the popularity and finally, the big economic interest, Are leading our society into the third millennium with activities based both on the quantity and speed of elaboration and on exchange of information. Information systems, linked to telecommunication systems, are the basis of a new way for communicating, working, enjoing and inquiring. Both the information system complexity and the Offer/request of solution are becoming even more hardly and universally a division between the beginners and the expert that can also building this systems. Un information expert must know: a) to cooperate at the analysis and at the design of the programs; b) to develop and to personalize software for any programs; c) to plan the development of the information resource and data elaboration system in small office; d) to assist the data elaboration system's users, providing them for a base's formation about software and hardware. The informatic course's students study the traditional planning, object planning and the planning about windows system using this languages: Turbo Pascal, C++, Assembler and Visual Basic, manage databases, local area net, using many programs for multimedia application, graphic and electronic editing. Moreover, they manage this site through the knowledge of the principal tools (HTML, JAVA, VRML, INTERNET EXPLORER, NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR).




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Educazione fisica
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Religione / Attività alternativa
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Storia ed educazione civica
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Lingua straniera (inglese)
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Matematica e laboratorio
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Calcolo delle prob. ,statistica e lab.
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Elettronica e telecom. e laboratorio
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Informatica e laboratorio
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Sistemi di elaborazione e laboratorio
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Totale ore settimanali
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delle quali, di laboratorio
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