Performed activities

Reproduction of two-dimensional documents and originals

A lot of Studios still give great importance to manual drawing, pastels, tempera, charcoals, watercolours, pouncing paper… in short to all the traditional techniques that have been shaped for the different needs of expression of the designers and which are still today the first tangible things, created by mental abstraction. It often happens to me to reproduce plans and drawings of architectural competitions that inevitably have a deadline on monday mornings and also to wish that the subjects of these accurate simulations be realised, cubic on square meters. But sometimes the projects won’t be realised at all, and the drawings are the only thing remaining to testify the thoughts as well as the engagement and strain of many people.

  Angelo Torricelli
Entire file and enlargement obtained from the same file
Aldo Rossi
Sketches and drawings by Aldo Rossi
  Astronomer staff of Brera
"Map of Milano published by the Town Administration" Copperplate mm 1180 x 1350, 1814. Juxtaposition of 4 watercolour printings, private collection.
Detail of the eastern gate
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