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Which voice for Alfredo Piatti’s cello?

Quelle voix pour le violoncelle d’Alfred Piatti?

The Wisdom of Apollo

La Raison d’Apollon

Itinerary of a recording

Anima Mundi, en français

Un parcours de l’interpretation

An interpretative itinerary



Contemplating Babel

The king is dead

Welche Stimme für das Cello Alfredo Piattis?

Le maître de Violoncelle

Venise de sons et de bois



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« I could like, said my mother, to look through the keyhole out of
— Call it by its right name, my dear, quoth my father —
And look through the keyhole
as long as you will »

Laurence Sterne,
"The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy,
vol. VIII, London 1761



«Et ignotas animum dimittit in artes naturamque novat.
Nam ponit in ordine pennas, a minima coeptas,
longam breviore sequente, ut clivo crevisse putes:
sic rustica quondam fistula disparibus paulatim surgit avenis.
Tum lino medias et cerit adligat imas,
atque ita compositas parvo curvamine flectit,
ut veras imitetur aves.»


Ovidio, Metamorfosi, VIII, 188/195

the garden in daylight

the garden in the evening


the night


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